What kind of shoes do you guys wear when lifting?

If my penny loafers arent shined then i just lift in my track spikes.

nah but seriously i go straight from the track to the gym so i lift in my running shoes. When doing olympic lifts or squats running shoes are not the best thing since they tend to keep you on your toes and they feel mushy. So a pair of cross trainers or turf shoes would be fine. Unless you want to invest in some olympic lifting shoes.

I second the notion of turf shoes. Nike AstroGrabbers are perfect. They’re strong enough for squatting/oly lifts and also very comfy and provide a ton of traction. They can also be used for jumping in the gym, or going to a pickup basketball game. I can’t reccomend them enough.

for heavy lifts flats aren’t exactly great as the base is weak leaving you unstable.most flats nowadays have air,gel etc which is great for cushioning but not for a solid base.i know alot of serious PLers who use boots or shoes for lifting,they can’t afford proper lifting shoes so they use regular leather shoes with great results.

depends on the type of lifts

OLyshoes for olylifts - once you try, there is no going back!
Solid flat shoes like chuck taylors or wrestling shoes for other things.
padded shoes for plyos etc.

use the right shoe for the job.

I use normal padded shoes for everything (plyos, o-lifts, weights). Never had a problem.

I already own 2 pairs of spikes and 4 pairs of cleats, I can’t afford any more shoes!

I used to use normal shoes for olylifts. I though they felt ok then, but after having used oly shoes for a while I noticed that normal shoes, compress a lot when you rack the weight and it throws you backwards dangerously. I mean when you have something over 200lbs landing on your upper chest/delts, it’s kinda scary.


I second the use of lifting shoes.

The stability and grip is phenomenal. I find them great for squatting in too.

Col is right about helping with the catch. The solid heal allows for far more confidence in this area.

Xman had a good point too, school shoes are better than sneakers by a long shot.

Chuck Taylors or Sambas. Sometimes a cheap pair of flat soled Airwalks.

Depends what’s in my gym bag.