shoes to squat in

hey what shoes should i squat in? ive heard flat shoes, well here are some of the shoes i have

air force 1’s, nike huarache 2k4, the old huaraches,

I wouldn’t squat in flat shoes. The irony is that the slightly unatural squat position is turned in to a more appropriate postural position for the legs/back strength balance when you wear shoes, particularly those with heels in. The heel ofcourse helps keep your back a little more erect, thus putting more power into your leg drive.

I think the Westside guys like flat shoes for squats.

Personally, I bought a pair of Olympic lifting shoes and have found them to be awesome on squats and other lower body lifts. They are a bit pricy (~$130), but the quality is great and the hard bottom with a heel has helped me feel much more stable than a sneaker. In fact, I would recommend squatting with bare feet over sneakers.

Scott Safe’s company gave me great customer service when I ordered the Olympic shoes.

My toes/feet cramp up in every pair of shoes I’ve tried to squat in. Found barefoot to be the way to go. Crain’s Muscle World, VS Athletics, Safe, and Adidas make squatting/deadlift/olympic lift shoes; not sure if these would make a difference.



For powerlifting style squats/deads (lots of post. chain emphasis) use flat soled (like Chuck Taylors) or barefoot for olympic squats use ones with heels (ol shoes are the best but I use running shoes and they seem to work well enough when not training specifically for O lifting).


I find that with a olympic squats, people often times have a hard time getting the proper depth and maintaining an upright posture with out heels, but for powerlifting style flats seem to allow for a greater emphaisis on posterior chain. (I like Addidas Sambas to squat in)

is there anything wrong with going barefoot on squats…or on other lower body exercises such as lunges, step-ups, deadlifts, etc?

I just picked up a pair of adidas weightlifting shoes. They are great. I used to wear Chuck’s but these are much better, feel real solid and would def. recommend them, depsite the price.


Good investment…the Adidas weightlifting shoes rock!! :smiley:

I have them also… I feel alot more secure when doing squats and Olympic Lifts.