Shaking While Lifting

When I lift anything of any decent weight, let’s say over 50lbs, my muscles begin to shake. I can’t control it, and I can’t seem to be able to stop it. It doesn’t just happen when I do upper body lifts my legs shake when I press anything over 100 lbs.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not too weak to work with this kind of weight, but it just messes with me mentally when I bench 110 and my arms are shaking even though I can easily bench 145…

Your central nervous system seems to be overworked. You could be doing things correctly in training, but have a lot of stress in your life outside of the gym. I don’t know, but you obviously know your own situation. It is probably training related however. You may be lifting weights that are too heavy for you, relying on your reserve of nervous energy and adrenaline to make the lift. You should not lift maximums or weights close to it very often. All the pre- steroid guys used to go to their limit(what you might call failure) about once per month, on average, just to make pbs to see how their strength was coming on- unless they had to enter a competition. The rest of the time they (and we are no different) lifted weights from 80- 95% (usually about 90%) for whatever rep range based on their pb in that range. You are probably doing some or all of the following; training to failure, doing too many sets/reps per workout, doing reps above 5, not getting enough sleep/food, etc. If i was in your position i would find ways to relax as a first port of call. Training wise i would take at least a week off from all training and start back with 80% of my best and build back up to 90% where i would keep my training weights. As a rule of thumb, if you are having to ‘psyche’ yourself up for lifts in training, you are training too heavy. Of course this doesn’t mean you don’t have 100% concentration. Hope i have helped!

This sounds like fatigue. Are you doing your weights sessions right after your track sessions or right after being at work all day and sleeping/resting little. The description you gave sounds like a tired muscles that’s all. I remember back in my prep phase when we were doing double training turns (track in the AM, weights, jumps, weighted sled, etc in the PM) by the end of the day when doing 1/2 and double half squats my legs would shake and I didn’t even notice until someone told me.

Another possibility is that you’re being hesistant with your lifts? Move the bar at a consistent speed. Or maybe you’re moving the bar/weights too slow … this would make anyone shake.

Before I gave ya’ll ALL the details I just wanted to see what your ideas would be. Leave you with an open mind, sorta speak

—Another possibility is that you’re being hesistant with your lifts? Move the bar at a consistent speed. Or maybe you’re moving the bar/weights too slow … this would make anyone shake.—
That does make a difference, I just did a couple pullups on my doorjam and when I slowed it down I started to vibrate, but if I went faster I didn’t shake at all!

Thanks for the help. I’ll put some more muscles on me and get more sleep.

You may actually belifting to heavy even if you dont notice or think so. Everyone can always lift a little more than what they think they can do, ie of the mother lifting the car to get child away from under it.
Also, you might want to also be doing more calisthenics (ie push ups) or plyo’s. These are both great ways to getting stronger and they ARE transferrable into the weight room, in other words, get stronger and improve your performance in the weight room.
good luck