Serious speed maintainace problem, help!!

My time for the first 60m is 6.86 . However my 100m time is around 11.1 .

I feel soo powerfull at 60m but it just goes down hill after that. At 90m Im decellerating so much.

To any experts, what can I do to maintain top end speed for the next 40m? Thanks

Remember it’s not just your 60m time it’s how you ran it. Video is key and Rupert has provided sites to upload video.

errr not sure what you mean by how I ran it, you mean how i ran the 100m or 60m? Thx for the heads up on the video upload, ill video my next race this saturday.

thx, any more ideas?

How you ran your 60m may be the limiting factor. Running position is a big part of a successfull 100m performance.

How, as in putting too much energy into the first 60m, leaving nothing left for the last 40m? Thanks btw

Not quite. I would do a search on the following hip height, speed endurance, sprint mechanics and general fitness. You’ll probably find the answer within the search. Do that and if you still can’t find an applicable thread then come back with questions…some film may help members help you.

Good luck

Alright, thanks heaps randyG.

rap what are you strength levels? Do you weight train alot do any speed endurance work?

Height: 5’11"
Weight: 68kg
Squat : 85KG X 10
Age: Just turned 17
Vertical: 28in
Standing longjump: 2.9meters

Do plyo’s, lots of 60m strides. A few 120s 150s but usually not above 85%.

10m-20m: Even with the field
20m-50m: Really start to break away
50m-80m: Still ahead but loosing speed
80m-100m: Die…

I suspect relaxation may play a big part in it as well though. Thanks everyone for the help so far…

Could very well be a form thing. I know a girl who can accelerate to 30m with athletes running 7.1 but can only run 12/25.3. Her drive is amazing but her form is horrific. She must produce enough power to run 11.3 but expands so much energy fighting herself over the last 70m that she struggles to brake 12. Of course the solution to this problem according to her coach is to run multiple reps of 300-500m to build her endurance. Whats the point when she can’t even hold a good running position for 10m!

Charlie on Zhanna:

“My point is to train smarter, not harder. If you want to improve the 200, then Sp End 1 and 2 must be at a very high performance level- volume doesn’t matter (this is not a best of ten contest). For example, she runs up to 8 x 100m under 11sec ht with 5 to 7 min breaks in practise. Adjusting to electric on times without a gun, you’re looking at performances of around 11.30 to 11.40e. Although impressive as a proof of work capacity, this does nothing to impact max speed or specific speed end at her level. (One assumes that races themselves under conditions of recovery, or the vertical component of her plyo program are, in large measure, responsible for her high top speed.) I might have a series of suggestions, however Zhanna and Mark chose not to try to elevate her own program, but, rather, chose to disrupt the program of her rival (i.e., Marion)”.

We could also do with more info on your programme and how you’ve reached running the above mentioned segments in that way. Obviously relaxation and a video clip would be important, but a background on your training methods would help, too…

Wow, what a great community, thanks for all the help thus far.

I will post a video of me running 100m this saturday. I feel my main problem is just the techinque after 40m. I seem to transition, non-intentionally to my toes after 60m, I also suspect my back might be leaning a bit to far back.

Anyways expect a video soon.