Self PNF

Can PNF work be done on your own? Hams, Quads, Hip Flexors, Calves etc.


It is possible with the aid of dynabands, but i’ve found it easier to ask someone else to help you with it…

You can use certain aspects of PNF alone, but not the entire system. “Active” flexibility (a function utilized in PNF) is the functional use of agonists to stretch antagonists. The dynamics are set by the individual (slow or fast, long or short stretch). As an example, i’ll try to explain stretching the hamstrings, and you can apply those principles to other muscle groups. To stretch the hamstring using this system, lie down on your back and lay both legs out straight. While keeping the legs straight (and if necessary knees slightly bent) flex one leg at the hip and bring the leg as high up as possible while keeping it straight; find the position of maximum stretch and hold for 5 seconds, then attempt to move beyond that and stretch further. Once you reach a position of final maximum stretch (the maximum ROM without pain or discomfort) hold as an isometric contraction for 5 seconds and release. Sorry if this a little vague, it is extremely difficult to teach without hands-on instruction. PNF is not one style of stretching, rather it is an entire clinical approach to flexibility and extensibility. As a performance coach, isn’t it funny that flexibility is defined as full “extensibility” of all soft tissues.

Theres a great video at …I have it and you can do all the exercises by yourself and it is extremely effective. It costs around 40 bucks, but was worth it to me.