Season planning test

After being on this forum for about a year now I think and reaching +100 posts I thought it was good to do a little exam from what I’ve learned. I (tried to) made an annual plan for next season with the timing of the several training phases. Please post me if you find any “faults” in it.

Now the second reason for this post:
I made first a season with double periodization cause I didn’t want to make things too difficult from the first time. But as you can see in the 3 row where you can see what competitions I’m doing, you can clearly see that in my outdoor season, I have 3 “major” events in the middle of the MaxS phase. I think this is not right to do so I searched a way to make a plan with triple periodization to fit in the 3 periods of competition. You will notice that it was hard to fit in. The outdoor season is no problem, I calculated back 12 weeks from the competition. For COMP2 and COMP3 this is impossible so I tried something out wich I want you to discuss :).

I explain from W25:
In W35 I have the State Championships but if you calculate back, I only have 11 week. So I removed the GPP2 & Accumulation phase of the SPP and started straight on with the MaxS phase. 3-1-3 with 4 weeks of maintenance and in that last week the major championship. That makes 11 weeks. If you calculate from W35 to the next major championship (Nationals) this gives me 7 weeks left for another MaxS phase.
I removed again the accumulation phase and stripped the 3-1-3 to a 2-1-2. Afther this I have 2 weeks to the nationals. As you can see, the season goes on until August.

I’ve heared Charlie already saying that you should beter drop the late August competitions and look already to the next season but the funny part is that most of the meets are in the July-August period. This has to do with the weather. It’s just plain stupid from the associaton to plan the bigger championships soo early in the season. Apart from those championships there arent alot of descent meets over here at that period, that why I want to do also the whole July-August period.

Do you have any suggestions how I can change things to look it more CF ‘valid’ :smiley:

I hope I didn’t make big mistakes on things and apolygize for the crappy grammar :slight_smile:

thx for your help in advance

Alright, I’ll give my input

First things first is I’d rewrite the plan, seeing as you’re missing 4 weeks of the year.

Also, your SPP phases are majority max strength, I would include some power rather then just strength because strength will only go as far as 30 meters alone. I’d work power into your 2nd SPP phase.

As for having 2 or 3 comp sessions I think that’s your choice. I’m not a firm believer in a 2nd GPP but then again I’m not a coach. And if you do go the 3 competition route then I’d consider checking out that last SPP phase and really lowering volume at the end to be ready for your competition. NC I’m guessing is National Championship so that’s probably your big one and you want to make sure you’re ready for it and not wiped out.

That’s my take on the situation. I’m not the most experienced person in this matter so if someone else has a different take on me they may have the experience to back it up.