Seagrave Warmup

Does anyone have the complete Loren Seagrave warmup routine with a description of the exercises they’d like to share with me? I’ve heard of it before and actually had a part of it, but lost it and was wondering if anyone was willing to send me a copy of it or post it here for others to see as well.


Leave well-enough alone. You don’t need a 2 hour, rehearsal based warm-up- that you have to warm up for!

Yea, if I were you i’d let it be. Last year my coach sent me and some of the better athletes on the team to a Speed Dynamics camp at Boardman high school in youngstown ohio with Loren Seagrave, and Brent Mcfarlene(sp?) (2 of the nicest guys I have met in the track and field world) that camp didn’t improve me any, it just made me sore, his warm up alone had my muscles aching, let your warm up be around 20-30 minutes I would say, mines around 25 minutes.

Right now my warmup is around 25 minutes long as it is, but I was just trying to look at something different and see how it worked since I know a few people that like it. I was just trying to “broaden my horizons” that’s all.

I don’t know why you guys use “time” as a factor in your warm-up. Why don’t you just use “steps” or a “to-do list” of the drills you need to complete before actually beginning your actual workout, regardless of how long it takes.

You should do both, as you can introduce predictability into your preparation (I cover this among other things in the GPP DVD

I do both. I estimate how much time doing all the drills on my “to-do” list will take when planning workouts.

400stud here is what the book “the science and speed of hurdling” says is the McFarlane and Seagrave elite continuous warm up for max velocity and acceleration. I would agree with the others who said it’s a little too long.

Part 1: in flats

3X100M turn arounds jog at talk pace

  1. Two laps of build up 50m runs, 50m run followed by 50m walk. 10 dynamic warm up jumps (stride, karioka, ankle hops, etc.)

  2. Static stretches (hold 15 sec), abdomen circuit.

3X100m build ups @1/2 effort.

  1. Dynamic mobility circuitX10 reps (ie. head circles, trunk circles, bicycles, etc.).

3X100m build ups @3/4 effort.

  1. 2-3 X 20-30m of ankling, A’s, B’s, all the rest of the Seagrave type drills.

Part 2: In spikes.

  1. 2 X 40-50m of advanced drills that Seagrave does.
    3 X falling starts 20m
    3 X push up start for 20m
    3 X 3 point start or block start, 30-40m

  2. static stretching 15 sec holds.

All of this info was taken from The Science of Hurdling and Speed, 2000, by Brent McFarlane

Then protein shake and nap before starting your workout :wink:

That second part is what I call workout…

Damn that is a workout in itself.


LOL!!! It couldn’t have been stated better - aside from Charlie’s initial reply.

Is this warm-up supposed to be done before competing? My God, it’s a training cession in itself…

I use the video as a set of options…doing the entire warm-up was one hell of a workout! To be fair to loren it gives some nice variations and ideas to training. Still, use your own brain and decide what you want.

There is such thing as a modification. I use the seagrave warmup. I have modified it to the things that I like the most that get me prepared to compete.

my old track coach used to have us do that exact same thing as a warmup…

but on those days, we never did anything else.

That is an excellent workout for an off day, but too intesnse for a HI day or meet day.
Warm up to how you feel, know your body and when you are ready you are ready. Just becasue you get to the end of the list that does not mean you are prepared to run fast.
Warm ups provided by coaches should be a guide or suggestions.

A warm-up is a warm up- not the workout itself (although it might start out as such before the athlete is conditionned.) The idea is to have a consistant and repeatable warm up that reliably prepares the athlete at all times so he’s always confident he’s ready, whether it’s at the first meet of the year, a speed session, or the Olympic Final. It must also be one which can be done in all the conditions and athlete might be faced with. I cover this on the DVD.

Therefore a large percentage is pyschological conditioning, preparation and recall?

Charlie are you suggesting that the warm up be exactly what the coach suggest and no deviations?
Do you suggest a longer warm up in GPP for fitness then shorten as the year progresses?
Anxiously waiting the DVD, but afraid the dog sleds will get lost up here north of the border.