Are SE-training supposed to be with full recovery between all year even for a 400m-runner?

Or should the recoverys go down in pre-phases, or what differs in a year?

Depending on the percentage. If your doing intensive intervals above 85% rest would be the same as 100m/200m but the distances would be higher. Say an example: 400m/300/150m with 8 minutes rest at 92% of PB. Maybe even some 500ms. Depends on the athlete. And tempo can be done up to 600m.

Figuring out percentages…Say you were doing 92% of your max. Your PBs were

400m: 47.0
300m: 34.8
150m: 16.1

47.0 divided by .92 equals 51.08
34.8 divided by .92 equals 37.8
16.1 divided by .92 equals 17.5

Depending on how you set up your cycle a progression might look like this. Usually slow to fast progression.

Week 1: 93-95% Speed Endurance
400m 49.5- 50.5
300m 36.6- 37.4
150m 16.9- 17.3

Week 2: 91-93%
400m 50.5-51.5
300m 37.4- 38.2
150m 17.3- 17.7

Week 3: 89-91 %
400m 51.5-52.8
300m 38.2-39.1
150m 17.7-18.1

Week 4: 85-89% (Rest Week)
400m 52.8-55.2
300m 39.1-41.0
150m 18.1-18.9


The complete opposite slow to fast times!

Clemson or Charlie thoughts does this look right to you?

hmmm…94? that may be a little off…since Bailey attended a national team trainning camp in Baton Rouge in 91. (I think he was a 10.4 sprinter at the time).

Timothy, shouldn’t the times be getting quicker.

good point about the times not getting faster,

  • …about your rest…I could be wrong here, but it takes years to gage the difference between 92% and 100% (ask Edwin Moses). I’d even venture that someone as young as yourself is really going at 100% when you think it’s just 92% (remember, just because you’re relaxed doesn’t mean you are not going fast)…So…with that being said…and following along Charlies theories…maybe you should have more recovery between any work near or above 90%?