Dear Members,

This weekend save 40% off all orders over $100.00.

If you have been waiting for a sale, this is the one you do not want to miss.

At check out, be sure to use the discount code ‘summertime’ to get 40% off your order of $100 or more dollars ($100 now becomes $40!!!).

Be sure to enter the code above and update your cart before checking out to have your discount applied instantly.

Check out our store to get your deal

Happy shopping!

Awesome, but don’t you mean “$100 becomes $60”?

Correct- typo!


Rupert check your mailbox


Oh man this is just typical…the one weekend where I’m not here at all a wicked sale like this comes about! Just when I was going to buy some more products aswell (was going to get some material for writing a school project and inspiration before sportsday haha-besides the fact that I love the Charlie’s material).

Guess I’m gonna have to wait till the next sale…does anyone know when such a sale will come about again?

Many thanks:D

Deep discount sales happen 1-2 times a year!

We have extended this sale for this week (today is Monday, it ends Friday).

Any purchase with a total of $100 or more will receive 40% off! You must be sure to update your cart before checkout using the code summertime to have your discount applied immediately.

Thanks again and happy shopping.


Having a problem getting an approved order (via PayPal) completed for download. Haven’t received a reply via to-date.

What next?

Expeditiously handled. Thank you.

Same as TMSSF. Having an approved order (via PayPal) but haven’t received a reply via to date. The discount code haven’t also applied.

Thank you.

We havn’t received your message, can you send me a private message here.

Thank you and note the sale has ended, therefore the code is discontinued.


Ok, I sent you a private message. Thanks.


Note that our summer sale has kicked off and you can save 30% instantly at our online store, ON ALL PRODUCTS with no discount code needed.

Happy shopping!