When is the sauna a good compliment to weight-training? after a good workout the sauna is a great recuperation technique. was wondering if the high temperatures would cause thermogenesis to the point that muscle would be wasted and decaying instead of nourished. after the gym, it’s recommended that body temperature remain at a specific homeostatic condition, would the sauna hamper my results in the long-run? anyone please… thanks in advance!


I’m searching up on it myself.

I don’t use sauna PWO, incase I get DOMS. I could be adding heat to inflammation. I use heat in my contrast shower, but I figured it’s okay, because I use cold water too.

Sauna increases blood flow, I’m guessing you know why that’s positive.

If I use it, it’s between weights, when I don’t have DOMS.

I can’t answer your second question.

I’ve had a sauna session after every weightlifting workout I’ve done for about the past 5 months. I haven’t had trouble gaining muscle or losing fat in that time, although I can’t say if it would have been better without the saunas. I can say the sessions definitely work wonders for my asthma though.