Sarcoplasmic and sarcomer hypertrophy

Do you really think there is a difference between sarcoplasmic and sarcomer hypertrophy?
If yes, how would you train them ?

A. Use of Neural Efficiency (as well as some Myofibral Hypertrophy) occurs in rep ranges of 1-3. (Neural Efficiency increases the percentage of motor units that can be activated at any given time. There is little to no effect on size but increases strength will be great. Little to no protein turnover occurs in this rep range as load is too high and mechanical work is too low.)
B. Mostly Myofibral and Sarcomere Hypertrophy and very little Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy occur with rep ranges of 3-5. (Sarcomere hypertrophy increases contractile proteins in muscle thereby increasing strength directly and also size. Book knowledge suggests that growth here will be mostly myofibral/ sarcomere hypertrophy and will be accompanied with strength gains in other rep ranges and improvements in neural efficiency. Therefore this is perhaps the best rep range for increasing strength. Better balance of load / work done for hypertrophy so no surprises there.)
C. Myofibral, Sarcomere, and Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy (lots of growth as well strength gain within this rep range with little transfer to 1rm) occur with rep ranges of 5-10. (Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy does not directly increase strength but can affect it by increasing tendon angle at the attachment - but of course it increases size.)
D. Some Sarcoplasmic with little Myofibral and Sarcomere Hypertrophy occur in rep ranges of 10-15. (More fatigue and a greater extent of waste products are associated with this rep range. Possible increase in capillary density.)
E. Capillary density increases with little Sarcoplasmic growth with rep ranges above 15. (Muscle endurace begins to become a factor (but who needs that?). Also, waste products are intense – lactic acid buildup to the point of making some individuals sick.)

Is it optimal to primary focus on either? Train for your event.

awesome post, where is this from scott?

cant remember it was a thing i found on dual factor training…

Now here’s the real trick, try and find proof that one can increase their sarcoplasm indepentantly of their myofibriliar content.( ie change the ratio. ) I’ve searched, for years, I really do not beleive in sarcoplasmic hypertrophy as a means of long term size increases.

If you look at biopsy studies for weightlifters, elite bodybuilders, etc. aside from differences in mitochondria and glycogen, there really isn’t much difference in the ratio of cell content.