sanders' current 40 time?

anyone know?

I heard on ESPN he’s been training with Tom Shaw for a while now to get himself ready for his comeback; he’s reportedley at 4.38 for 40 yard dash.

Could you please tell me how 40 yds are timed? Are they full electronic with start command or with gates from starting line or something like that?
How does it translate to FAT times (in the Athletics way)?

From the first movement.

THX! That means approx. how much difference to FAT? 0.3, 0.4?

40’s are tested by handheld stopwatch usually and the starter starts the watch on the first movement of the athlete being tested. Not really sure what a hand-timed 40 would be FAT but I wouldnt think it would be much different time-wse, maybe .2 at the most? Not exactly sure though…

I thought at the NFL level the used electronic timing? No?

4.38 sounds like the number of tackles he’d have for the season.

Better hope nobody runs up his side.

he doesnt get paid to make tackles. #1 shut down corner of all time.

ive spoken to art monk before, he said Dieon wasnt as great as people make him seem, and while he was a great punt and kick returner, he was at best a good corner. He said the hayes’ were the best corners to play.

Yes, but there hand is on a pad while in the 3 point stance. When contact is broke the clock starts. So this is still on first movement. You must remember that there is no reaction time with these 40’s.

It’s still possible to move your other hand (in a swing action) before you lift your hand off the contact pad. This makes it pretty easy to cheat the 40 test. His 40 is consistent with the way everyone else is timing.

As was mentioned ESPN reported Deion ran 4.38 40. He ran a 4.17 when he was drafted. He worked with Tom shaw for approx. 2 weeks from what I heard. The NFL continues to use hand timing with digital video for analysis. The common accepted conversion from FAT to hand timing is .24

No matter if you like him or not, he’s the stuff of legend. I’ve heard that he had the fastest ever combine 40. Also that Bobby Bowden rated every athlete that came through on a scale of 1-to-10. After Deion, they’re rated on a Deion scale!

I don’t know about anyone else here but with me there was a 40 time then there was game speed!

We’ll have to wait untill he hits the field to see if he’s still got it.

4.38 easily makes him one of the fastest corners in the NFL, Champ Bailey runs a 4.35 and I think he’s the fastest corner in the league

i dont think so, whos the rookie from VA tech on the falcons, he runs sub 4.3…doesnt matter anyways my man L. Coles runs a 4.20!!!

Deangelo hall 4.15 has the fastest 40 time in the history of the school

The 4.15 by Hall was on a fast rubber track. On a regular track he runs like a 4.35. But he is very quick with a 3.68 20y shuttle. Champ baily is not the fastest corner in the league. There are a lot of corners in the nfl who run 4.3. I doubt coles can run 4.2. There are very few people in the in the nfl who can run sub 4.3. I would say Michael Lewis is the fastest being that he is an ex-sprinter. Most of these 40 times are bullshit.

since coles is on the redskins, I am inclined to believe that he can and does run a 4.2 on every down of every game.

Go skins.

What about steve smith from the panthers? Dude can fly. Or Boldon from the Cardinals.

see its just if you watch coles, he is a good reciever, but you just see him running by all these corners.