Same workouts for whole season?

is it ok to do basically the same workouts for the whole season? like say starting in december (when season is from march to june) with something like this:

before season starts:
monday:short sprints (30m-60m), weights (clean, squat, bench)
tuesday:tempo (200’s-300’s)
wednesday:long sprints (80m-175m), weights (hang clean, s.l. deadlift)
thursday:tempo (200’s-300’s)
friday:short sprints (30m-60m), weights (clean, squat, bench)
saturday:active rest
sunday:full rest

in season:
monday:long sprints (80m-175m), weights (clean, squat)
tuesday:tempo (200’s-300’s)
wednesday:short sprints (30m-60m), weights (hang snatch, bench)
thursday:duel meet (100m, 200m, 4x100m)
friday:light tempo (150m x4)
saturday:invitational meet (100m, 200m, 4x100m)
sunday:full rest

i want to just do the first workout shown preseason and the second workout shown throughout seaosn. i am a junior this year in high school.
thank you for all the help.

I think in season you basically do do the same workout, because the goal is to maintain the speed, strength, and muscle you gained in the off season with variance and such.

Also your routine needs work…you need to go through phases before the season developing the diff. qualities and maintaining them starting with acc dev, then top speed, then speed endurance. Others could explain better and give you a better picture. What events do you run? How do you periodize your weight training? Set rep ranges? several key pieces of info are missing…

I basically just run the 100m with the occasional 200m. im already at a fair level of fitness because football season ended only 2 weeks ago.
for weights i use the following methind for clean, squat, and bench:

week 1:5x5
week 2:4x5, 1x3
week 3:3x5, 2x3
week 4:2x5, 3x3
week 5:1x5, 4x3
week 6:5x3
week 7: repeat

c’mon people please help

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