s-l or l-s

How does on go about deciding which program to use? Long to short or short to long?

I like to race the shorter distances…60m, 100m, 200m…but only like to do 400m every once in a while.

Since I have some good free time right now, this is the best time for me to design some things. I have purchased some downloads and discs.

I also would like to put together a weight program, track program and recovery program…and I have purchased the Masterkit, and the SPP and Speed and Strength workout downloads. Thinking about getting the other 3 lecture series to assist with a program…



The van download goes into details about the issues you have concerns about:

Things to consider when deciding S-L or L-S:

1: Facilities

2: Recovery methods

3: Body type

Key products to purchase:

1: Master kit

2: Gpp dvd

3: Van dvd