Rupert: The acces to non-members?


Why don’t you allow for non-members and guests to search and look at the forum without making membership?
I reference this forum a lot, but people who are not memebers cannot view the contents… This is a problem sometimes… it is closed for non-members for looking!

Thanks in advance!

If people can’t take a minute to sign up, then they are out of luck.


I can’t see what the problem is Duxx … either you sign up or you don’t.

Whats happened to the front page of the site?

It looks like a blog page and theres no links to other pages is this deliberate?

Just doing updates and a new look. I like it.

I know that look is in fashion among web designers, but I think the old one looked more professional.

A link to the forum would be useful. I have had an email from someone asking WTF is going on and if I could still access here.

I and some of mine friends had some problems signing (creating account)… Other’s have waited for confirmation mail and it didn’t arrived etc…
Why should you be a member to only look at forum? You should be a member to post, vote etc!! Other forums (Boyles, Powerdevelopmentinc, RunTex…) can be viewed without membership…

Anyway, how can someone log in as guest??? Thanks


We give nothing away here, guest membership doesn’t exist. If somebody is interested in reading our content, they can sign up. Its pretty simple. If they are having problems, seriously; they need to get some basic computer training. We have over 10,000 members and you’re the only member saying that…???

On the matter of other areas of the site, we’re doing some work…relax. No more whining. Its pretty lame.



Thanks Rupert!

Thanks for the comment.

I can’t say that our new front end is in “fashion”, technically speaking our new platform has more than you could want.

At this moment, we’re working on fine tuning the enviornment so our members can move around. Although I liked the last website, we had to move on. Expect things to get fast here.


What about the Members Photo Album (or Myspace) I have mentioned to you before? You have said it is a great idea for the members to get know because we come from all over the globe, different religions, different cultures etc. We can this way gain more knowldge about users and their culture etc… Don’t know how big is your server etc :slight_smile:

I think we should try to arrange some of this ourselves using resources that are out there: YouTube for a members video section if people want, Myspace for pics, etc. Bandwidth is expensive and I for one would prefer that the Powers That Be spend their time on more important issues. Just my 2 cents.

You can have direct access here by
Hope it helps!

Yes it does thanks, in fact I sent that to them and should have said but sleep called instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah thanks John for helping me

nik has the right idea and its even easier to just have that link as your home page that way like viagra it just comes up right away.

Yeah, this is where I got my idea from! :stuck_out_tongue:

oh was i supposed to keep that quiet nik?

Too late… Besides, as we get older, we tend to forget, you know! :smiley: (now, how many did I just take? Damn!)