Running with soreness

I would like to know if is normal to you guys somedays run/train with a litle pain or soreness in muscles,
i´m talking about sore from yesterdays train/works and not about sore/pain from a injurie like strains for example.
I´m asking because today i was talking with a elite 400m runner ( 46.0s ) and he sad that i have to learn how to run/train even with sore in muscles,
because it isn’t often that you train witout any soreness.
He also said that with practise…( couple years experience) you could learn when the source of pain is serious ( strain/injurie ) or just result of a good training session.


i wouldn’t do high intensity running with soreness. if you’re sore, try tempo work. and find out why you’re sore.

Would the nature of 400m training and the event itself make this point slightly more valid - but not so for 100/200m runners.

When I see what 400m runners do - I know that would make me permanently sore lol

That’s unusual to say that, does his program involve a lot of variation? If I do any exercise for more than a couple of weeks I can’t get sore from it.

I guess you get the point Jimbo,
cause in my program there´s a lot of variations but as you said, when i do the same exe´s for couple weeks i don´t feel any sore.
It is a good idea stretching when we are with this soreness ?
What kind of train/exercises often cause sore for you ?
For me is Speed Work sessions and Starts from Blocks too, plyo´s sometimes depending of the duration session.

I agree with you 100% Gloop…

I would definetly take a look at his workout, it might be that he is overtraining. But on the other hand, I can understand what he means, I think its impossible to be training at this elite level (as you say he is) and never feel any soreness, so I agree that there is some degree of getting to know what your limits are, but that gets easier to recognize the longer (years) you train.

‘What kind of train/exercises often cause sore for you ?’

Every exercise I’ve ever done, has caused soreness in the early stages, even tempo type running after a layoff (not all over though :slight_smile: ). Stretching has done nothing for the soreness, but helps a little with tightness.

I trained hard once with soreness, and tore an adductor muscle. But recovery session are fine, and help with it. It’s been recommended here to minimise soreness, and to do this introduce exercises cautiously with volumes as low as needed to avoid soreness, while keeping frequency same as normal. When you switch exercises, might be a good idea to keep at least one of each exercise type, at maintenance levels. Obtaining variation solely through rotating exercises is not the only way (I’m guessing this might be what he is doing). P.S sorry you probably know some of this stuff.

Tks again Jimbo, i tk note from what i didn´t knew yet.