running with rhythm

hi guys, when coaches and athletes talk about running with rhythm what do they actually mean by this ?i know it is somthing to do with a smooth technique style, ive read about john smith teaching maurice greene to run with rhythm, just wondering how u would go about doing this?

I know this is a very basic analysis but if you watch video replays of top sprinters, I use Safa Powell mainly as a guide, there is a pattern in the strides i.e. it fits a particular frequency/ beats per minute. If you use a metronome you’ll find that their feet a certain number of beats per minute (Asafa Powells matched roughly 315 bpm)

This is a very crude way of doing so but because I come from a musical background I have always liked using aspects of music to determine rhythm…I’m sure there are more technologically advanced, scientific methods of working out rhythm but I don’t know what these are. I just try and imagine the beat in my head and match it with my strides