Running under 49 !!

I am still new in the 400m event. So far I ran three of them this year ?

My first one was indoors in Edmonton : 52.8
second outdoor in Pomona 51.32
Third outdoor in San Diego meet : 50.2

I also ran a 22.70 in the 200 at Mt. Sac
I am still getting used to it !!

The standard for World Juniors is a 48.04 ( Canada) . It’s a long shot , but I want to give it a try !! I know I can run in the Junior Nationals.

I have until July 22nd to make that standard. I train 5 days a week, lift weights 3 days a week.

Typical work outs are like 8 X 150 accel 1 min rest somedays 5 x 300 and occasionally 2 X 500, the coach is pretty good.

I try to eat as healthy as I can !!

What are your takes on this , is it too farfecthed ?
What else can I do acheive this goal ?

My coach believes that me running under 50 secs is very solid for the year.

But… I really want to try for World Juniors… a 48.04


I think it depends on your athletic age. If you have only been in the sport a short period of time, it is possible you ould experience further improvement below 50 ansd possibly even in the 48’s.

However if you have been running for a while, training under the same program for a few years, then its unlikely you will get down to 48.04 by July.

Your coach seems to have a fair understanding of where you are at, and should have a realistic view of what you are likely to run in the next 12 months.

Just for the record I have an 18yo athlete who started athletics in June 2004, ran 48.68 in Dec 2004, and this season ran 47.80 in Jan 06. He has had a meteroic rise (due to a short athletic life) but unfortunately copped an untimely injury and missed making the Oz WJ team.

In Dec 04, I felt he could go under 48s this season and he did that. Now we are looking at him becoming a consistent mid 47s runner next season, after a second big winter prep.

Good luck with your goal of running 48.04.