Running tall, High hips, Straighter leg (video)

here’s a video of mine running at full intensity. It looks like my hips are low, and my leg is pretty bent at ground contact. Am I overstriding?

if else, what other techincal ‘errors’ am i doing?

thx in advance

Have a go at arm mechanics, then see if your stride is better.
Your arm angles are good, but looks like you’re pushing too far back at the shoulder, like you’re really driving backwards. Once your thumb hits your hip, thats when you stop driving, and is time to relax that arm so it can swing forward. think of hitting nails with a hammer, swing downwards, not backwards.

Wow thanks i never thought of that. I’ve always had a feeling that I was still pushing at full speed, but now that you remind me of the arm cue, it seems logical.
I just tried the standing arm drill and it feels a lot smoother the way you described it.

Sounds good.
Will be looking forward to the new video of better arm mechanics.

Do you have a regular speed video of you running?