Running during hypertrophy phase

I was just wondering if the volume or intensity of running workouts should be changed at all during a fall/off-season hypertrophy phase, which would last about 5 weeks?


The volume would be lower. Look at diagram in cfts. The 12 week build up phase. Charlie goes from 2000m of speed per week (1st…4week cycle) to 3000m (2nd… 4 week cycle) meters then down to 2000m (last…4wks) then tapers. You have to always adjust volume to receive the specific training effect you are looking for.

Remember that you can adjust intensity within catagories. for example, high intensity runs from 95% to 100% of best time and there’s a BIG difference in performances within this catagory. We’ve talked about this elsewhere when referring to the high int volumes tolerated by Mennea.