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hi people, im claudio and i live near milano.
im a spinter with an huge problem: i think to be strong ( 120 kg bench press, squat 160 kg, half squat 210 kg x 3 rps, 140 kg deadlift…my weight 70 kg )…and i’m dinamic ( 9.60 metres in triple jump with standing start ) but im not fast as i want,my pb on 100 metres in competition is 11.8 :mad: but i@ training i’ve ran 80 metres in 8.68… :eek: why?

sorry for my bad english, but learn english in the italian school it’s so difficult!

see ya


what were the conditions you ran your 100m and 80m?

i am in genoa on sunday for 1 week so if you like we can meet up in this area

Based on your 80m times (and the calculator used) your 100m time should be between 10.6 and 10.7 seconds. If the runs were run under similar conditions, it might suggest your speed endurance is not on par with your max speed. Do you do speed endurance work?

you probably get nervous at your meets and tense up…happens to me all the time as well

i run a 10-something in practice but when our school has meets i only run low 12s, its ridiculous how much tenser i get at meets.

you should try to relax more, i guess

I think its a combination of things such as what eastsidejumpan said and what a couple of other things. It could be very possible that you are tensening up or it could be that your speed endurance is very week. Now just because you can jump does not automatically mean you can sprint, i mean i know guys who can easily clear 2.0 meters on the high jump but can only run 11’s and i also know guys who can who go sub 10.5 and can only long jump no more than 20 feet. My thing i sould say is work on your speed endurance which any running of 15-35sec. at 95% and you dont want to do maximal strength on those day’s you would only lift strength endurance type stuff.

It could also be handtiming vs electric/fat timing.

times in practice syndrome

lol, nice,

but truly, with strength numbers like that you’d expect a faster 100m time GIVEN your generally athletic and your form isn’t horrible. At 70kg, weight can’t be too much of an issue unless your 4"11? I’d say keep training, and get yourself in 2 or 3 electronically timed races if possible. If you still havn’t improved then we’ll need to dig deeper, perhaps video footage of you running and some other testing protocols.

Could be a mental thing, like trying too hard or something. I’m going through a mental block in the 100 right now and I’ve been unable to reach top speed in races. Next race just relax and remember that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t run a great time every race. I need to get that into my mind and hopefully I’ll be able to do what I used to be able to.

today session: 2x120 rec 6 min, 2x80 6 min, 2x50, times: 13.6, 9.1, 6.3
are this good times? on 200m is possible for me run in 22.8 - 23 ?
on youtube ( osasaronno ) there are 4-5 videos of my training group

One problem here is the recovery time for SE. Charlie recommends recovery of 8-20 min, and your 120’s may be faster with 10 minute rest. The training times from USATF coaching education give about 13.4 sec 120’s for a 200m (FAT) race performance of 23.0. Your 120’s are slower than target and your 80’s are faster. Your PB of 8.68 for 80 would imply a 120 a full second faster than you’re running. So you would probably benefit from more SE and probably also Special Endurance I in the 150-300m range.

hi claudio, we meet in all world t&f forums :smiley: I would know how do you train your speed endurance; do you use vittori’s plan? and what kind of plyos? my numbers in the gym and multijumps are similar or worse as yours (@67kg, my bench is near 95kg, my DL 160kg, 9.50m TSJ) but my PB in 100m is 10"92 (and 22"43 in 200m, but I train only for 100m 3days/week). what is your PB in 60m and in longer multijumps? maybe you should use some plyos (multijumps and hops between hurdles)… I believe that there’re also error with hand-time in training and to much stress during race…

des, when you say you train 3 days a week, do you do anything on the ‘off’ days or do you rest then?

anything because I study medicine and other days I should be in the hospital… I train M - W - F with high or medium CNS stimuli. not properly CF style :frowning:

i never use pliometric exercise…pb on 60 : 6.84 and i dont remember in longer multijump

PS 6 des del forum di atleticanet?

and in race? my opinion is that you can’t hit 6.84ht (60m) - 8.68ht (80m) and 11.8FAT.
because if you have a slow start (but if we see your gym PB and triple standing jump, I don’t think so) and a good phase between 60 -> 80m you should slow down so much for last 20m. how many times did you run 8.68 in training? and usually what kind of time did you have in 80m? I think it’s very important to confront your PB in race in 60m and in 100m. strenght is important for a sprinter, but a sprinter isn’t a powerllifter! maybe you tax too much your CNS and haven’t any “fuel” for your sprint runs! usually have you gym before sprint training?

ps: yes i’m des @AAnet and also xelades @sprinteam :smiley:

8.68 only one time but 2 days ago i ran 2x80 rec 6 in 9.1 very easy…i haven’t gym before sprint training now, only in winter.
i’m not fast starter, in 30m my pb in 4.01