Ron Hruska and Mike Arthur Squat Presentation

This is an interesting presentation, well worth the time to watch.

Flash, I am so grateful to have met you. You showed up in our hood at one of the worst times of our life and you were kind, generous, self sufficient, curious, respectful and ta da, here we are all these years later and you are still supporting Charlie and I and my family… and one of the best places in the world to learn about speed and sprinting and learn from one of the best coaches the world has seen.

I am doing chores right now, dishes, laundry and getting ready for my work day and weekend and some fun… and I am going to watch this after that.

Thanks for your attention and keen passion which has not stopped since knowing you. Flash for moderator if he wants it and Brett? Who else? LR400 and Pioneer don’t think he wants the job? Oldbloke, he might be busy? Let’s see what happens in the next few months? how many moderators did we have before?

Yikes, I could not get past the first snooze, I mean fewzzz minutes… he reminds me of my high school history teacher. For the life of me I wanted to stay awake at 2pm on Thursday afternoons…I really liked Mr. Johnson and now I love history because someone I knew brought history through story telling to LIFE.

Flash, if you don’t mind would you feel like summarizing the points for me? Or if you could pretend you were going to be selling this to our audience which you aren’t but …It’s worth compensation imho. If you feel like it great, otherwise, thank you for your help and contribution. I see many visitors here but lots of members are busy or gone and thats okay too.

what I know for sure is the presentation is worth watching as I know you, I’ve met you and just because law is your day job, you have passion and care about track and have shown respect towards me and my family ( when it really would not have got you anywhere to do so) :wink:

I’d love anyone to point out what is up with this presentation if they wish. thanks in advance. Doesn’t have to be novel. snippets are good.