Rome 1987

Why did Ben take few steps in the second heat semi-final (45.5 steps) than he did in the final (46.2 steps), eventhough his time was slower in the second heat?

He stumbled at the start in the final, which I am sure caused a higher frequency to regain balance (probably a few shorter steps throughout that brief moment as well) which is one of the main reasons.

Sometimes when you’re easing off the freewheeling last strides are longer- and slower

So it is quite possible to take less steps and run slower times even with elite sprinters?

^^^carl lewis ran 3 fewer steps than ben johnson in the final in rome(CFTS is where the charts are found) but was a tenth of a second slower so it would appear so.

While it certainly is possible to run a slower race by taking longer than supportable strides, that does not mean that Carl did anything technically wrong, it’s his correct pattern reflecting limb length, strength, and height.

can you post the link to this infos?

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