romanian deadz

hey i wanna know if this is a godo indication that im doing romanian deadlifts right. ok i start out chest out big elbows locked, i push my hips back and butt out and i go down til i feel a stretch in my ham glute area and then push with my hams and glutes to ocme up. and im pretty sure my back is straight and arched since i go down chest out big, and then i went to the mirror and went to side view and did 1 rep of romanian deadlift and looked in the mirror to check my back and it was straight and i felt the stretch in the glute ham area everytime i did a rep…sorry i just have the nerve everytime to know that im doing things atleast 90% right…not 100% cuz nothins perfect.

anyway after every workout day the next day i feel like i can jump higher even if im sore

Sounds about right. A good cue I’ve used for this is to keep the bar against the body at all times once you’ve cleared the knee (no gap between the bar and your thighs).

ya the bar is close to my body not against it but its like 1 or 2 inches away

Everything sounds fine… but try to keep the chest out which you are doing and shoulderblades together which should force the bar to brush againt the body. If the bar gets any further ahead of the the body your back will be forced to round slightly which makes the RDL into a Stiff legged deadlift.

as far as the downward movement excluding everything else, does it seem right when u go down to feel like a stretch in ur ham area. thats correct right? cuz thats what i was feeling and today my hams are soo sore.

i did RDL yesterday, reverse hyperextension and some leg curls