romanian deadlift

if i did romanian deadlifts and like i felt it in my back too also i felt it in my glues and hams and today my back has no pain just a bit of soreness u think my back was good during the exercise, like the form? cuz my friend was spotting me and he said it was straight but i wanna ask if its good if my backs like that today with no pain and shit sorry im just worryin

yes thats normal

Its normal. Make sure when doing Rdls that you keep your chest out and shoulder blades together. If you keep telling yourself that cue while doing the lift or have someone cueing you while doing the lift you back should remain in a neutral position. Also make sure the bar is being kept as close to your body (thighs and shins) as possible otherwise you are doing a Straight leg deadlift
which calls for a rounded back as it is impossible to keep your back neutral when the bar is in farther in front of your body. SDL’s also work the back more.

thanks alot guys

i mean lets say my back was a little out of good form (which i think wasnt) wouldnt i feel pain today? i was playing ballt oday and when i bent down on defense i felt a bit of soreness/slight pain…???thoughts?

this also common because your just starting out…i think youll feel a lot of pain in your upper back if u were rounding your back…

ya ur right , i think i shouldnt worry about it much