Road Cycling/High Speed Stationary Cycling. Pro's & Cons???...

Maybe not. If you are set on doing bike workouts as your primary workouts then blow yourself up. I hope you will be one of my competitors come May or August.

But you don’t blow yourself up. As with everything, you adapt. A set of deadlifts have “blown me up” more than a 6 hour ride.

PR’s are more likely to come from the qualities I stated than being over-trained.

In two weeks?? Doubtful. The point here is to do something that you can when you’re laid up with injury, often lower leg/achilles in Pfaff’s group.

Adductor for Donovan and it sounded like a foot impingement for Oba. Donovan’s achiles was bball.

I’m referring to ESTI’s message in post #18 which doesn’t state the duration that particular “past forum member” used for his bike workouts to train his 200m runners, not Pfaff’s group.

Pfaff’s group (IMO) will not gain/enhance any of the qualities I mentioned in post #20 doing such small amounts.