Complete 2008 Olympic & 2009 WC Coverage

I’m not sure of the site policy, but I have torrents that have every event from the 2008 Olympics (low quality, total size 14 GB or so), and the 2009 WC (HD, total size 235 GB).

Can I post the torrents?

Mentally I’m thinking… Yes, please :o

why not. its your stuff. post so i can get my utorrent on

It’s not my stuff - it’s Eurosport’s.

I for one would appreciate that info since I lost a good deal of mine during a multiple hardware crash.

Unable to upload files here. PM me with your email if you want them. They aren’t in English and the 2009 files will require substantial computing power to plow through 720p and 1080p .ts files.

Also have a torrent that has almost all of BBC’s coverage of the 2009 WC. It’s pretty damn good. PM with an email for the file.