% RM when body weight is involved

80% here is just used as an example.

When benching 80% RM is not relative to 80% RM for the squat since body weight is also involved in the squat. Therefore should the squat and similar exercises be adjusted relative to the total weight involved ie. 80% of bar plus body weight?

no use the same formulas regardless of lift

I’d only include bodyweight when calculating dips or chinups.

Why would you say that? Is there any reasoning behind it, or are you just throwing out an answer?

To Rich Hand, I take bodyweight into account when I lift. For lifts like the squat, I assume ~80% of bodyweight is being lifted, whereas it’s closer to 40-55% for DLs or good mornings. Lunges are ~80% as well.

As you have discovered, not taking bodyweight into account will lead to problems, especially at lower strength levels.

I don’t think its necessary to take into account bodyweight on the major lifts, including squats. The vast majority of lifters, including those the advocate RM type planning, don’t. There are a few exeptions, however. Weighted dips and pullup are two. The added weight probably represents less than half, and sometimes only a fraction, of the total load. If you hang 50lbs. around your waist for a 1RM dip, and you want to work at 85%RM, doing dips with 42.5#s on your belt won’t be correct. If you weight 150, your 1RM is 200 (body weight plus extra weight. So 85% is really 170, which is bodyweight plus 20.

Again, I don’t know anyone personally who uses this calculation for any lifts other than dips and pullups.

The vast majority (if not all) of the weightlifting teams across the world don’t bother to calculate with bodyweight. +600lb squats are not unusual among 170-185lb lifters.

With using the bar weight only reduce you squat and bench press to 50% or 60% as when performing fast sets of 3 which powerlifters often in between their heavy sessions. You will probably find that bench feels much easier.

When I do fast sessions such as this I now use ~60% for the bench and ~40% bar weight for the squat which equates to ~65% when taking total body weight into account or ~60% if calculating the body weight at 80% as rj24 mentioned and which I think could be about right.

Similarly if altering the bar weight to 80% RM for each above exercise I get out a few more reps with the bench.