RJ's Results

Okay, today I ran a meet for the first time in 11 months and I was sick-to-my-stomach, ready-to-vomit nervous for my 100M. By the time I did the 400M I was chilled out and the anxiety was gone.

100M: 11.81 FAT (.31 sec PR)
400M: 54.86 FAT (3.71 sec PR)

As nervous as I was in the 100M, I forgot all my cues and pushed way too hard and too long. I popped up right out of the blocks and then pushed out the back the whole way. My shoulders were swaying back and forth like crazy and it was the worst rep I’ve run in memory. If I can just calm down then 11.3-11.4 is in the bag easily. I ran this race like a dumbass and my times reflected it.

As for the 400M, I haven’t run over 110M since mid April and before that I hadn’t done much over 150-200M with full recovery, so I wasn’t expecting. I used a relaxed standing start and didn’t really push myself yet I PRed by nearly 4 seconds, demonstrating my idiocy left a lot on the table in the 100M (I’m not built for longer races, so they’re always comparatively poor).

Next week I’ll be doing the 50M and the 200M and I’m just going to try and learn to relax. Actually racing against others is new and I let the nervousness it cause wreck my form.

Tamfb, you called it, 11.8 my first race. When I do another 100M in two weeks I’ll be breaking 11.4 though. I just need to remember to relax and not push out the back like I did tonight.

Good work! Looks like you’re open to plenty of improvement.

Thanks Sharmer. I can guarantee much faster times in the upcoming weeks. This first meet (well, the 100M) was just a disaster caused by letting those in adjacent lanes screw with my mechanics.

Gonna be a hot summer.

Caffeine is not always necessary especially not more than 20min before you run (chewing pills is the preferred way probably) and not if you are already nervous.

You had the whole CF board waiting for your results. :slight_smile: The sport of track and field isnt easy man, it take time and good training. Maybe you hit 11.3 next meet.

Tamfb, you have to admit that going nearly a second faster over 110M is good for an improvement in the 100M. If you don’t, just wait a week and I’ll post my time. I’m seriously looking for sub 11.3 FAT.

After knocking .92 seconds off my 110M time, I can’t see my 100M time not decreasing by nearly as much.

I had 300mg of caffeine two hours before the race and I don’t think it helped with the nervousness issues. Either way, I know the time was just due to a form issue. Next race I’m going to focus on keeping my head down, coming up slowly, and not pushing it.

And did you say chewing caffeine 20 minutes before race time? I thought it took longer to get absorbed into the system than that.

RJ i may be wrong but you said the samething last season. If your time dont improve this season will you look to change ur training style?

Thanks tamfb, I won’t fail to put up a good time next meet (I can do 100M again in two weeks). And I still say my training times indicate an 11.2 or 11.3. If I can keep the same form I do in training and not let my competition change it, I’ll be running those times.

I mean, I’m still in poor shape and my races get considerably slower as the distance goes out yet I hit a 3.71 second PR over 400M without even pushing it. I really think much better times are easily within reach.

I pushed out the back last season because it was how I had been running. This year I’ve corrected it in practice but my mechanics went to hell due to the nervousness. Now that I’ve ran, it’ll all get better. And my times will get much better, so I’m not really looking to change training styles. Again, I just PRed by nearly 4 seconds in a very casual 400M with no distance training. I am capable of much faster in the 100M.

I was just curious if ur times dont improve this season would you consider more running next season?

If anything, I’d look to get some training partners so I get used to racing others. I might sprint more, but I really feel I do enough. Tonight was just a poor showing over my favorite distance.

I wish you the best fam, but the 400m may be ur event.

Man, my accel is my strong suit and I’m a thick-framed, short-tendoned white boy. The 400M most definitely is not my event. Well, at least I hope it isn’t, because that son of a bitch is uncomfortable. My hamstrings were burning like crazy and I could breath for a good 15 minutes afterwards. I thought I was going to die. :smiley:

you ran 54 with zero 400m training, im sure if you train for the 400m you could get 49-50. I think one of the lessons to learn from this, is to never throw out times just say ur gonna PR then that 11.8 wouldnt be a bad time.

Chewing caffeine pills gets the job done fast. I know there is a recent study with the author suggesting caffeine 3-4 hours before exercise…quite humorous to me.

Is there no 100, only a 50 in the next meet?

tamfb, you’re right, I might be able to do well in the 400M. It’s just damn uncomfortable and I think my body is well suited for shorter distances (50-100M). Then again, if I fail to bring my 100M down enough, I may look into it for next year.

Mortac, thanks for the info. And there is no 100M at the meet next week. Up here in Alaska track isn’t very popular, so they can’t run all events every meet. The only races I can really run are the 50M and the 200M so I’ll be doing those. I’ll probably kick ass in the 50M, but the 200M isn’t going to be easy.

any predictions for the 50m

I’d say anywhere from 6.1-6.3. I’d like to 6.1x, but after today’s outing I don’t want to get my hopes up too much. Still, I think it’s in reach as long as I don’t screw up again. :frowning:

overall i dont think ur results from todays meet is bad, you pr in your first meet without during much running.

Thanks, I was expecting a lot more taunting from you but you’ve been very nice about the whole thing. :smiley:

Just wait though, I will go much faster now that I’ve got a couple of races worth of experience under my belt. Nervousness can wreak havoc on your performance if you’re not used to it.