Revised 200m finals results (Martina and Spearmon DQed)

200 Metres - M Final
20 August 2008 - 22:20 - revisedWind: -0.9 m/sPosition Lane Athlete Country Mark . React
1 5 Usain Bolt JAM 19.30 (WR) 0.182
2 4 Shawn Crawford USA 19.96 . 0.210
3 8 Walter Dix USA 19.98 . 0.151
4 6 Brian Dzingai ZIM 20.22 . 0.185
5 3 Christian Malcolm GBR 20.40 . 0.212
6 2 Kim Collins SKN 20.59 . 0.165
. 7 Churandy Martina AHO DQ . 0.144
. 9 Wallace Spearmon USA DQ . 0.167

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YES, go USA. :slight_smile: Sorry James for using smiley faces.

wow! how disappointing for both of them. that’s a real shame… :frowning: :frowning:

Dix gets 2 bronzes, pretty surprised actually.

:eek: :frowning: :frowning:

I suppose rules are rules but that really really sucks.

Definitely sucks for martina…:frowning: such a great olympics and had a medal but no…:frowning: :frowning:


I feel bad for Spearmon though. :frowning:

Second place now .66 behind him. WHAT??

Too bad for those haters who said crawford career was over.

I’m a Bolt fan, but I have been VERY impressed with Dix. He’s running his race every time, not worrying about everyone else.


So true, perhaps the only person in the race not watching Bolt :rolleyes:

I didn’t see Martina. i guess the US lost on Spearman and then decided to protest Martina on the same basis- which was no basis IMO. Certainly in Martina’s case, the concept of material advantage goes out the window- he wasn’t just a few inches clear of the rest and did his damage on the straight. I was told before the games that the appeals process was in shambles because Rogge filled up spaces with his unqualified cronies. We’ve seen issues all over the games from boxing to now track. Very sad!

From TFN:



yep, that’s clear.
onest dq, too bad for them, ran a good race

Thanks for the photos. Spearmon stepped over earlier in the race (6th step?). Did they discuss the rule interpretation where you found the photos?

if the usa had better training crawford would have won the 200m.:wink:

I actually headed over there looking for a rule that’s more clear than what I found in the IAAF Rulebook, but the only mention of the rule was one person saying that a single step on the line was a DQ. The pictures were pretty good so I stole them :).

The guy on CBC said that the new rule is one step on the line = DQ. The photos are quite clear.

Very clear, dont understand what the noise is all about.