Reverse Step Loading

Hi guys and gals…

I wanted some feedback on reverse step loading patterns for sprints and jumps…

So instead of the normal,

Week 1 - 50% load
Week 2 - 80% load
Week 3 - 100% load

It would be the reverse…

Has anyone had experience with this before? Is it mostly the weight training which decreases in load each week or does everything? (sprints and jumps as well)?

Can anyone share any example of this type of loading pattern?

Thanks a lot.

ya wouldnt be a uk long jumper would ya lol

look up crash training, its usually done for middle distance, was favoured by steve cram so the history notes say lol

its kinda done like 100% 25% 75% 50% etc etc

Hey A-J…

Yeah that’s me…Injured, out till next year.

oh no way, when did that happen?

take it your planning winter training now

Strained lumbar muscle and SI joint on right side of back. Happened jumping off a raised take off board for technical work. Very unlucky really.

I’m planning to start training mid August yes. I’ve done a log on ET but will do one on here next season for a different audience perspective etc…

Does anyone know about this method then?

It is what Saladino and Maggi uses…

Hmmm ok then. That sucks.

When you say 50%, 80% load are you saying volume or intensity?

Volume x intensity = load