reverse leg presses

in cfts, the stickman has his leg curled back… i was wondering if he merely rotates his knee or rotates at the hip. does he keep his leg curled the whole time or straighten it out for a rep?


“straighten it out for a rep”, that’s the one!

I would like to see this exercise demonstrated on a future CF project!

Very straight forward exercise; picture one of the older chrome universal machines which feature the leg press in which you sit in a adjustable seat and there is an individual foot plate for each foot on a dual lever system.

For the reverse leg press (say your doing your right leg) you would stand facing away from the machine with your right knee resting on the seat and your left leg planted on the ground right next to the seat. You would then place your right foot on the pad and extend backwards (like a donkey kick).

stand on the opposite side for the left leg.

Obviously this cannot be performed on any leg press device as most of the modern devices feature the seat/back pad on ground level.

The Keiser Runner is basically a reverse leg press.

I think they designed it so you can “run” in it - not quite sure if this has any benefits above simply doing the exercise under control but I guess it is supposed to appeal to the the specificity fans out there!

I used it at a trade stand and it is cool but if you run you will die in about 5 seconds. I just used it in a controlled manner.

I own a piece called the PowerRunner which was designed by former Ohio State strength coach Kent Johnston. It is in effect a piece specifically designed to perform the “reverse leg press”. Love it. James you owe me a phone call.

Correct description, except I would mention the need to have a mat that would sit b/w the back of the seat and the front bar of the dips (assuming that the universal has one), i say this b/c as you begin to press heavier weights your body naturally moves forward and your shoulder begins to dig into the bar, you can imagine it really hurts.

The mat simply saves you the pain & bruising.

Also make sure to keep the butt down as it natually tends to poke up.