reverse leg curl--where/how?

I was reading in the Training for Speed book that the
reverse leg curl was better than the regular leg curl.

I wanted to know what machines are good for doing this
and how? are there any websites with demonstrations?


probably a Glute Ham raise on the floor?

ITs a totally different exercise, you need a different machine for it. Sometimes called seated leg curl, here is a video link:

Are you sure that’s it? I never thought of using that. I guess I should start.

thanks, but that looks like it works the same way.
how is it any different than the regular leg curl?

about the leg curl, it seems liek everytime i do it, it feels like my knee is going to crack or pop, is it my form or just my knees?

The seated leg curl is better for the hammies than regular legcurl;

In the seated leg curl your thighs are 90 to 110 degree from torso,
which gives the hams a good stretch compared to leg curl and better r.o.m strength.

As a side note, when ever I’ve done glute/ham raises I prefer to do them of a very high platform so that my torso is dipped downwards (better hamstring stretch) at begining of rep, or not at all.
Doing glute/ham raises straight of the floor is not as good in my opinion.

Are you sure you aren’t referring to the reverse leg press?

The hamstrings (and glutes) need to generate power from the hip in sprinting. The folding of the lower leg as it passes under the hips is almost a reaction to the force put into the ground. Therefore, working on developing strength in knee flexion is of limited value. So, any exercise that focuses mainly on knee flexion, as opposed to hip extension, should be use sparinlg (if at all!) Personally, I do not do any kind of hamstring curl (seated or otherwise) but instead focus on glute-hamstring raises, romanian deadlifts and good mornings. These all work the hip extension aspect of the hamstring muscle. Charlie recommends the reverse leg press for the same reasons but I don’t have a machine appropriate for this exercise.

do glute-ham raises not excercise the knee function of the hamstrings??

tanx for the clarification.

Glute/ham raises work both knee and hip function of hamstrings however…

Seeing as the further something is away from the pivot, the heavier it becomes in relation to the pivot, it is my guess that glute/ham raises do more for knee flexion tendons than the tendons on upper hamstring.

yes, that is what I was refering to!

Thanks for the advice Xlr8! Hows training going for you?

Reverse leg press is done on a seated (horizontal) Leg press machine. You stand with your back facing the pedals/pads, bend at the waist and use one leg to push back. It fully involves the upper ham using hip extension and the glutes as well. It is a GREAT exercise for starting strength and acceleration. The one I use at UofT is so good that I can almost fully mimic coming up in the blocks and push with the appropiate leg. I think they are awesome :slight_smile:


So that leg curls machine shown as well as leg curls in general are pretty worthless? I read about hamstring muscle imbalances on Poliquin’s site. I have one because when I do leg curls my toes point outwards.

Ham curls are ok especially for injury rehab. I wouldnt do a lot of weight and sets though. I usually do 4 sets (2 per leg) to help my left hamstring. Very light weight though (30-50 pounds per leg) and around 10 reps.

they would be considered an assistance exercise where rev leg press are more of a primary movement.

what events do u run Chris30??

50-60 indoors and 100/200 outdoors. Used to run 300’s in University (Mid 90’s) but will be running 50’s indoors for masters this year. (occasional 200) and 100/200 outdoors.


About the Leg Curls exercise ( or knee flexion, doesn´t matter ),
theres 2 diferent ways to do this kind of exercises,
1st way is: with the ankle contracted
2nd ways:with ankle relaxed,
just what i know is
on the 1st way ( contracted ankle ) the power is high and the weights higher of course
on the 2nd way ( relaxed ankle ) cut the weightsfor the half or almost it.
So, whats the better way ?
Relaxed Ankle ? Contracted Ankle ?
The mechanics on the race tell us that the contracted way is better or i´m wrong ?

Its called dorsi flexion and plantar flexion. it works different parts of the muscle. Try and do each.

Can someone post a photo or video of glue ham raises?

what´s Dorsi Flexion and what´s Plantar Flexion ?
And what´s the parts and muscles worked in each one of this exes ?