Rev hyper machine

Not the best machine but, for the price???

This is definitely NOT a Reverse Hyper- patented by Louie Simmons.

U get what u pay for- Save the $300 USD and buy the Forum Review, GPP DVD, and new e-book by Charlie due out soon. Spend the rest on quality supplements.

I NEVER said it was a Louie Simmons anything. I just came across it and wanted to share the info.

What Tom was refering to is that Louie makes the ‘Reverse Hyper’ any other imitation is not a reverse hyper but a revers back extension or what ever else they want to call it.

I have a the Reverse Hyper Pro in my garage and it is a great piece of equipment. I agree with Tom, save up and by the real deal. Not only will you get a bomb proof piece of great training equipment, but you will also be supporting one of the greatest contributors to strength training, that the field has ever known.

Why not just face the other way on a back extension apparatus and throw a dumbelll between your feet? It’s $300 dollars cheaper.

Furthermore, wouldn’t even waste my time with the exercise let alone buy the machine. I find that squats, deadlifts and glute-ham raises do the job for the lowerbody. Reverse hypers are more of a “static holding” type of exercise that hit the core more than anything.

Blinky don’t knock them if you haven’t tried them. They are an incedible exercise.

Blinky, your statement indicates that you have never used the device made by Simmons.

Second, I’d pay to see you pinch a 450lb dumbbell between your feet, I know I can’t, but I perform reps on my Reverse Hyper Pro with 10plates.

Whether the device is a requirement for sprinters, is one thing, as we know that one can develop great speed without the use of the device. However, it would be irresponsible to discount the usefulness of the device for strengthening and pre/rehabing the low back/post chain, and developing hip extension in the truest sense of the word.

I’ve tried them on a back extension bench but I just don’t find them as effective as other exercises. Maybe if I used the real machine I would notice a difference.

I thought Ben did reverse hypers on a Roman chair, so what would be wrong with other alternatives?

nothing wrong with using alternatives, just not as effective.

What other variations of the Reverse Hyper is everyone doing here?

We used the box horse with partners for hypers and reverse hypers. Check out Ben’s Erector Spinae in the photo in the archives. You can see them done on the GPP DVD.

Louie Simmons reverse hyper lives up to the hype, it is the real deal. I have one in my gym and it is incredible.

Yes, I saw them on the DVD. I noticed that you guys were doing them on the track. Was that just a coincidence your do you like to do them while doing track work?

Charlie, since you chimed in on the discussion I have to pick ur brain :smiley: Does doing the wieghts immediately after the hills have detrimental (overtraining) effects?


Ben’s erctors are SICK! He looks like a body builder.

Yes we did the hypers after speed work. I consider the high intensity aspect of this work to be numbers related. In other words, you can do a smaller number of these exercises on the tempo days without a carry-over problem the next day.
We always did weights right after the speed sessions wit no problems- but not right after the hills because they weren’t done at the same place- otherwise, I’d consider the speed and hill stresses pretty interchangeable. Thoughts?

I haven’t found a problem with doing weights after speed or hill work. I have hills, a track and a gym all within a 2 mile radius… what a dream world I live in. :rolleyes:

I agree. For several reasons (not just because you said so :slight_smile: )

a)Running is more important than lifting (but lifting is a necessary compoent)

b)Time. Who the hell has a couple of hours to kill between weights and running?

c)If you have all your athletes in one place at the same time, you may as well finish what needs to be done for the day since they are there already.

after hills i’m doing weights with no probs; it would be nice to have a little break of, say, 15-20min just to gather your self, but even straight after, it works fine…
even a friend of mine you used to have slight irritations on his knee doesn’t complain for any probs or extra pressure…

I do have a question regarding something you said on another thread a while back. You made us ponder a question regarding what to consider a way of seeing improvements during an period I accumulation phase - weights or short speed endurance. Do you improve (emphasis) the weights (easily measurable) or improve the short speed endurance (alactic and accelerating no further than 30m while maintaining the last 30m to equal 60m total. Also, which part do you measure, the first 30m or the total 60m??? Either way, difficult to quantify the sprinting aspect!) ??? I don’t know and I don’t know how you worked your magic in the accumulation phase of period I. I’ve watched the DVD but I don’t think that this was specifically covered. This is where the art of coaching comes out and I’m still playing with silly puddy!

First off, pure strength and speed end (however achieved, weather over reps of shorter distances or longer reps) must conflict and therefore weights must be balanced against the stress applied in the SE work. You balance the work to the needs of the athlete in question- more strength requirement means a little less emphasis on SE and vice versa
As for speed measurement- that would be initially over the 30m only, as the 60m reps represent the accel out to 30m folowed by the maintenance of that speed to the end.