Resurrecting athletics career.

Hi people. Let me start by saying this is the best forum on the net period. Now down to business. I’m a semi-pro athlete who used to do athletics at high school. Last week I ran a 6.73 60m. I’ve been told to get back into track by some local coaches. The only problem is I need to know if this program is functional?
Mon: Track - Speed Endurance
Hill sprints + Plyometrics
Lift - Core lifts (Squat, Bench, Cleans etc)
Tue: Train for my sport
Wed: Track - Speed (focusing on accelaration)
Lift - Upper body
Thur: Lift - Lower Body
Train for my sport
Fri: Track - Starts
Sat: Game Day
Sun: Rest Day

Is this O.K? Juggling two sports is difficult.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What is the other sport, Jester? Volume looks way too much. But if your a semi-pro pool player…

Two suggestions:

  1. Shift the lower body lifting from Thurs to Wed (just do a full body routine, like on Monday)

  2. Drop the Friday workout and make it a rest day. You can do starts with your acceleration work on Wed.

What is your sport? If the sport training is very high intensity, you might not be able to recover properly if you’re alternating it with speed training and weights.

To much work. If your traing for another sport you have to limit your speedwork. I would take hills out and do speedwork twice a week with oneday being shorter power day and the other focussing on 60m. That is if your playing and training for another sport to at the same time. Could you go into more detail about the other sport and what you do for workouts? :mrt:

Sorry for the lack of detail. My sport is cricket so the training sessions are obviously non contact and the volume isn’t realy killing me. My speed endurance has been either 5 x 300m or 5 x 150m, both with walk back recovery + 3-7mins. The wednesday track session is 6 x 60m (walkback recovery + 2 min, then flying 30m with 30m build up ( 2 sets of 3 reps with a minute between reps and 5 minutes between sets). During my weights sessions I won’t hit a body part more than twice during the monday session and the upper body session. I’ve always recovered quite well and apart from having the odd day with sore calves everything else seems to be fine. Hope this provides more information to you all. Thanks.

Jester, your rest times between sprints are way too short.

Try 2 min rest for every 10m.