results of my meet today 6/14/03, and helps is needed.

I ran the 100 today at a meet today. I ran 10.73, but the winning time was a 10.28. The 10.2 guy left all of us. My start was outrageous. I shot out of the blocks first and led the race for the first 30 meters before my lack of training kicked in ( didnt start until march:D) I have never had a problem fininshing the race it is usually my start that is bad. I have a meet next sunday, what kind of training can i do to work on the last and middle part of my race? Thx

wow, i have horrible block start and excellent top end speed! lol. I had a meet today and set a new PB in the 100 with 11.40 FAT my last pb was 11.49 FAT so i got a PB by .09 fine by me though. Do some speed endurance, that should help, along with tempo, but i am a novice at the CFTS, so maybe the other veterans could tell you more.


Where did you run

I am usually a top end runner. Whenever i have a good start i am usually able to pull away. Who knows. But i have one more meet left before i start training for next year. So i am trying to gat in a good week of training and drop that time down. I ran in clearmont fla.

do you know where we can go for results?

not at all. I now they destroyed the results at the meet. They told me i came in second place even though i was in 4th place. They told the guy that ran 10.2 that he ran 11.2, then came back and said he ran 10.6. he was hand timed at 10.18 10.28 and 10.22. The times were jacked up. I was clocked at 10.63 and 10.73 by my friends but i will go with the 10.73.


You live in a beautiful area…what is this high school?

The meet was at the new national triathlon training center. It is a brand new track. so new that they have no trees around it and no where to park.