Rest Question

I just got into sprinting and have just finished reading Training for Speed and I have a few questions. How much rest should you give reps of tempo runs and speed work? And what should you do while resting, just stand there, walk, pushups etc. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

The rest during tempo is the walking.

During speed work the rest is complete (which means as much as you feel you need to be completely fresh). With speed endurance the rest is usually complete (15-40min depending on distance you just ran) for Special endurance the rest can be either complete or incomplete (which means less than what you would get if you were doing pure speed work).

Between reps you do what you need to speed recovery (e.g. shaking legs, light jogging etc). This is discussed in the Forum Review Final.

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Thanks alot for the input.

My question is where the hell do you walk during tempo rest intervals? If you’re doing the tempo program in the GPP dvd and walk 50 meters to the center of the field, you screw the whole workout up! I normally walk in a circle around the end lines.

Use a football or soccer field. Use the sidelines for the longer runs, and endlines for the 50 m walk. Work your way around the perimenter of the field as you run.

For CF’s tempo (2200m of 100’s and 200’s) I timed the walking speed of 50m and 100m. Running the tempo on a 100m football pitch, after each rep, I just walk on the spot and time the recov’s (approx for me…30sec for a 50m walk and 1min for a 100m walk).

How do you run 200’s on a football field?

Run 100m, stop, turn. Run 100m. As on the GPP DVD.

Exactly what I’ve been doing. I just wander around for 30 seconds or so.

Hey guys, i don´t know about you, but me, when i do lactic train ( 200m followed runs shorts rests 4 example ) my glutes and upper hams almost kill me…actualy, seems that if you sit, the pain get high, i mean, it doesn´t matter if you get a lying or standing or siting position, the pain will be there , but hey, i´m talking just about sore ok.