Rest interval between cone drills? Charlie?

How long should athletes rest between cone drills-speed change drills and top speed drills? Say for high school junior male who runs about 11.1-11.2 h.t. and female freshman who runs around 12.5-12.7 h.t.? Of course I would assume the RI would be longer for the fast/ easy/ fast than the easy/ fast/ easy and both longer than the top speed drills or not? (20/20/20). Thanks.

up it goes to the top.

For the FEF, I’d use at least the same interval as a straight 60m. For the EFE, you could go slightly shorter. Hard to be more specific, as the rest depends on the quality of the runs, the ambient temperature, and the time of the season (longer rest as the season progresses towards a peak.

Thanks, how about the top speed or finish drills say 20m build-up and 20m fast? How much time between those for athlete of same level as before?

Finish drill recoveries are determined by the run-up distance. For 20m build-up, treat the same as EFE. For 30m, you could treat like the FEF and for longer build ups that allow max speed, increase the rest intervals to a point you would use for max speed 60s.

What is the difference between “max speed 60s” and a “straight 60” and what would be the diff. in RI’s? For the purpose of making sure I’ve got this right. High school 11.1-11.2 male and 12.6-12.7 female I’m taking around 3:30-4:00 between 30m(and increasing RI’s as season progresses at all distances). 60m-7:00, FEF-7:00, EFE-6:30. Finish drills 20/20-6:30, 30/20-7:00, 40/20-7:00+ or more? Do these RI’s appear to be reasonable? Thanks.

All the rest intervals look reasonable for this level (of course they may need to be shortened if the weather is cold)

Thanks for the advice, I consider threads like this to be good reference material and hope others get something out of these as well. What type of RI’s between sets- 1 1/2 to 2 x the RI between reps and are the MAJORITY of speed change and finish drills performed at slightly submax. intensity?

In general, your rest interval between sets sounds good.

I think I read in another thread that close to meets, all/most finish drills and speed-change drills should be sub-max since this type of training is very stressful(and it hits later) to the cns than pure acceleration work. Is this right? So in season just go sub-max and try to refine technique?

Assuming the meets are close together with multiple races per meet, yes.

So in season should we remove/reduce/or limit to sub-max. finish drills from training close to meets just as we have with the speed change drills? Are the finish drills just as stressfull to the CNS as the speed change drills? Thanks.

Sub-Max Finish drills are not as stressful as speed change drills, so should be ok to use any time you need technical work.

WIth such a larger rest happening between sets in the later sets of the phase 1 - do you reccomend zero activity during these rest periods or can the athletes do some abdominal work?

you can do enough abs or other activity to stay warm but this isn’t a time to defeat the rest period by filling it with other work. Rest periods have a distinct purpose.

Perhaps complete stationary rest won’t help you recover as quickly as low intensity exercise? You want to optomise the body for the next run and this might mean something other than lying on your back! If it is a long break (20m+) you will probably want some kind of small cool down + warm up routine in there somewhere. CF gives some examples in the Forum Reviews but you might want to experiment yourself.

sure. you can walk around, few sit ups, etc. also, for longer breaks, you can loosen the spikes to get better circulation into the feet as spikes tend to be laced up pretty tight.