Resources for strength deficit info?

I have to do a presentation for my summer S&C internship, and would like to present on the strength deficit (difference between reactive strength and voluntary strength) that Siff talks about in Supertraining. The only problem is we need at least 5 sources and Siff’s Supertraining is the only one I can find. Has anyone else researched this, or had luck finding sources that have?

look to Zatsiorsky and Bosco too

sorry, but what is Boscos first name?

Carmelo Bosco. I’m pretty sure he speaks of the strength deficit in his literature but I’m not positive.

You could probably use something from Bosco, Science & Practice of Strength Training by Zatsiorsky, something by Verkhoshansky, Siff, and you could probably find some studies by lesser known authors.

Maybe you can find something usefully in Komi! Altought I didn’t read it (my friend is going to give me a copy in due course) I think it is great “scientific” resource (side-by-side with Supertraining) you are looking for!
Hope it helps!

Yuri has a few articles that I got off of a site called The English language portion for some reason has been closed for a couple of weeks, but the Swedish portion is open and I think if you navigate well you can pull off a couple of very interesting and useful articles.

if you inted strength deficit like the difference between reactive strength and voluntary strength,then if i rememebr well,Zatsiorsky won’t help you.In fact,i rememebr he was defining strength deficit like the difference between the Maximum Force you can apply,and the force you can apply due the short time (shorter than the time you need to reach maximal force output,due to biomechanic of the movement).
Yes,maybe sometimes the two definition may appear very similar,but they are quite different.
In the Komi there is something about the first definition.In Bosco if i rememebr well there is something but,in an old book.

Sorry if i don’t have the time to go and check better.

I have Supertraining and the second edition of the S & P of strength training by Zat.

I remember seeing a few things on strength deficient, and also have a scanner handy.

If you would like any material, just contact me.