Resistance parachutes.

Good or bad? Ive read conflicting info. I already have one but i have never used it.

Ive read they can make you faster, but ive also read they can alter mechanics. Does it have a place in a program or is it crap?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

if you can get a very consistant wind direction this isa great product but the chances of this are slim unless you are ina wind tunnel.i have used these in the past and the wind can literally knock you of your feet if it changes direction and can lead to injury.not a bad product but tyre would be better

what about using it indoors???

is this applicable??

A lot of this infor has been discussed in the isorobic system thread. Charlie has commented on the efficacy of sleds and parachutes. Parachute - faster you run the more resistance there will be. What happpens at start the of a race? There is little if any resistance.

Go with the isorobic.

yes it canbe used indoors no problem as you will be creating the resistance depending on speed

Can you please explain how there is little or no resistance at the begining of a race? The athlete has to overcome their own bodyweight at the start of the race so resistance is the greatest relative to the rest of the race. Strength and Strength-Speed should have the largest impact at the begining because of this fact. At top speed they have created momentum and are using more of the elastic qualities of the muscles.

I think Steve means that since you start from zero velocity the parachute won’t provide that much resistance initially (unless there is a strong head wind it isn’t going to be doing much) but as you build up speed and it starts to billow out behind you the resistance increases. Isorobic exerciser pretty much provides constant tension regarldless of speed so it provides resistance almost immediately and you can achieve lower angles out of the blocks.

I see, that makes sense.

Sorry for late reply.

So does it have any benefit in a training program?

As described by others, there are better options, such as slight inclines, isorobic exerciser (or similar), running into wind, etc.

If the other options are not available and conditions are right, the chutes might have a place in doing acceleration work. It’s just not the best choice for reasons already stated.

Ok thanks for that.