Reputation Points?

What is a reputation point. I have seven. HUh!? Could you explain a little bit more about what it is used for. Thanks.


How do you know you have 7? where do you check?

I clicked on the head. I thought I was going to be able to talk at first. Then I realized I wasn’t. Its on the bottom right. Do you have any. My level was even. Which is guess means 50% of people here like me.

I just gave you one. Can you give me one.

Hey Tim I see what you mean I got 9 points but it also says that for this post or thread I am “even” I don’t know what that means?? Rupert?

I got to spread some reputation around before giving you another point? Huh!?

Hello Members,

By now I’m sure a number of you have had a chance to explore the forum. One feature I’ll clarify is “reputation”, what it is and how it works.

What is “reputation”?

As you browse the forum and its contents you will see a reputation icon in each post (as shown in the enclosed graphic). Here you may approve or disapprove a post and include a reason for your vote, by doing so, the member that you voted on will get either a + or a - point taken or given from an initial value of 10. More on the benefits of maintaining a high reputation score will follow shortly.

What you must do

Enjoy and tell a friend.






Oh and thanks to the spineless snake you neg repped me for getting the ‘Analyse This’ back on course. I think if you get Neg Repped the person doing it should be shown on your user CP. At least then you know who done it. Any chance of that Rupe?

you got positive rep points from me that. :cool:

LOL…cheers John…I got neg repped by some loser because I said " lets try and keep on topic"…and surprise surprise neg repped for saying what I have on this thread. No wonder people keep silent on this site. If you don’t like what I post then be man enough to say “I think you’re talking rubbish…” and show reasoning for it!!! Rant over.

Another one for your troubles!

and negative rep points and the comment Grow up for the above :rolleyes:

I put my reputation points on my CV.

And positive points from me just to spite that person lulz

lulz, was negged with the comment “slow swimming mfer” U mad brah?

I eat rep points for breakfast, thats why I am so fast…