Well, Its the rainy season and training involves a lot of outdoors work. The past few days it has rained some which completely throws out tempo and sprints on those days unless I want to bust my tail. Just so I am prepared for when this happens, what would work for a good replacement for extensive tempo and sprints?

Im guessing that for extensive tempo I could do circuits, but I cant think of anything that would make a halfway decent replacement for the sprints.

PS: If there is no replacement for one of them, could you please tell me of something that would “have to work”?


When it rains (a lot lately), I normally do circuits like you said in place of tempo. You can also do running in place, which sounds stupid and easy, but it can be a lot more challenging then you think.

For the sprinting, I normally do plyos in their place, as that is the only thing that I can really do that is explosive like that…

Jump Roping could be an possibility, too. I have had to do only jump roping for my “speed” work since I have been injured.

What about an indoor basketball court for starts? The other ideas are great too

Well, I dont have access to an indoor bball court, but for people that do - nice thinking.

Okay, tempo= circuits, jumping rope
sprinting= sprinting in place?

Unless you are running in a flood, I do not see how rain would keep from performing sprint work. Try running on a different surface if the track is under water.

The next alternative would be running on an inclined treadmill.

When it rains a lot i just run in place and just listen to some nice soothing music. It helps listening to music. :slight_smile: