Replace leg curls?? help

My weightlifting Program calls for leg curls but we dont have a leg curl machine at my school weight room so is there anything i can do to replace them?

Leg curls are pretty much a useless hamstring exersise for track athletes. It works the hamstring in knee flexion rather than hip extension which is much more important and sport/sprint specific. RDL’s and Glute Ham raises are the way to go as far as hamstring work is concerned. The only time i like to use the leg curl machine is in bodybuilding circuits or during times of injury rehab.

Quik is right. Train the movements, not muscles.

intramuscular coordination? sometimes isolation work can help eventhough it is better to have hip extension over knee flexion…don’t jump off a bridge because you don’t have a hamstring curl machine but perhaps a little structural work couldn’t help. leg extensions are more of a problem…still I would add some posterior chain but look at the somatype first.

There’s always a good discussion when Clemson is involved. I believe that knee flexion can be a positive exercise if it is preceded by hip extension. This is also a great way to teach the difference between lumbar and hip extension.

Quik is right that glute-ham, RDL, & good mornings are the best exercises but
you can get some benefit from doing leg curls especially is you concentrate on the eccentric motion. You could try doing physio ball leg curls single and double leg varieties, you can do manual resistance curls, or do the old glute-ham with the knees on a bench or the ground if the hamstrings are strong enough.

I think Quick hit the nail right on. Although, I would add Reverse Leg Press in your lower body circuit, as we all know that they are very good form of lower body exercises.

I also, only use Leg Curls during re-hab, and even then, its at a minimal weight.