Rep Power

I dont know if this is new or if I never noticed it before, but theres this thing that says “rep power” in the little user frame on posts now. What is it and how does someone gain “rep power”?

Hi Mister C

Rep Power is short for reputation. Reputation is assigned by other members of the community at large.

When a user reads ANY post here at the forum, you are able to give its author rep points by clicking the scales of justice as per enclosed picture (the button is indicated by the red circle). This can be done from any post you read here. More points on your rep power has its advantages here. See below.

Ahh, thanks.

I had a rep power of 1 last week and this week its at zero, how did that happen? :confused:

When you post on some of the discussions that you disagree with what someone is saying, if they don’t like what you’re saying or if they think you’re being rude they will post, “disagree”, and this will take away a point from you.

SVS and members

Dont forget that rep power get you stuff here at (including consultations). I’ll have a short list of rep points/power requirements and what you can do with them shortly.

As it stands

If you have 10 min. rep power as of today, get in touch with me asap. More to follow on this in the future.


Well in that case my rep power will probably be -100 in the future!LOL I tell it like it is and if that means that I’m an asshole sometimes so be it! :wink: :wink:


We all agree there is nothing wrong with constructive dissagreement…

How else will all be challanged to learn and get better?

The key being constructive.

Honestly, I think it’s dumb. I got up to 2 or 3 and now it’s 0! :rolleyes: Whatever. I don’t really care. Some people don’t have better things to do except take points away just because they don’t like what I posted and they don’t even give good explaination at all. Whatever.

Is there a cap on how many rep points you can gain/loose in a 24 hour period?

I’ll never give you a negative, unless you personallly attacked me. I thinks it’s good to have strong feelings and to not want to yield them. If I agreed with everyone it would suck.

I only would give someone a negative rating if that person mentioned banned substances or personally attacked someone else using vulgar language! I personally take each opinion with a grain a salt bc people tend to speak there minds more freely on a forum then in real life and there are always opportunities for everyone to be heard!

Besides that I only give positive ratings to articles I think are really meaningful to me!

Anyone misusing the rep system will be banned for all eternity.

Hope this helps


I was just having a little fun with my previous post, I hope this didn’t alienate anyone! :slight_smile:

Question about Rep points. When I log on and I see my name I dont see any rep points. But when I click on the scale I see a couple. What gives?

A couple of people have given you bad rep points and so your total becomes 0! I don’t think you can go negative; trust me, I would have been -100 a long time ago!LOL

I guess so… :rolleyes:

When I go to the green square above some of the names, it states “… is on a distinguished road”… or something like that. But on my name, I read “sprint_coach is off the scale”. What does this mean??? Something bad??

Yes this means you will be banned soon! :rolleyes:


sorry, I couldn’t resist!