Rep Power

Explain, please!! I don’t understand …

If you have a rep power of 3 then this should give you pretty good indication of what road, scale, or level your on!

Seriously this means that you are doing very good and keep on doing whatever it is that you were doing before! :smiley:

It’s good for the number of posts you’ve had so far. A bunch of people have voted in favour of what you’ve said.

I’m not exactly sure but I think you need 4 favourable votes to get one rep point and unfavourable votes subtract from that. (I think that what Rupert told me)

What is does it mean when you don’t get a green or red square but instead have an emty square under the heading,

Latest Reputation Received?

i just realised by chance where my rep points have come from! :smiley:

when you click at the corresponding thread, are you transferred back to the actual post where the rep point came from? :confused:

just curious!

I have seen everybody’s rep points triple this past week and I just wanted to ask Rupert, “What’s going on?”. :confused:

I was kinda looking forward to getting a 10 on rep power on the old scale but now it looks like as if anybody can get that!

no offence at all intended I read and like your posts but how can you - or anyone for that matter be rated above charlie?

no complaints, you are nearly there!