Remedy for Stiffness??

What all could be used to get rid of post excercise stiffness?? Especially after a leg day or a speed workout.

Perhaps, supplementing vit. c. As far as within the training itself, a fairly lengthy 800m-1200m slow jog cooldown and extensive stretching at the end of the workout might help to prevent some of this soreness.

Have you done a search? As well I am sure there is info on that on

GenetikFreak, I like to use 10 minute walk followed by long-hold stretching holding each stretch for a minimum of 3 min. After each minute, deep breath, relax and sink deeper. Longer holds on painful/injury/known problem areas. Follow up with hot and cold shower. Extra Vit C, antioxidants, water all good for prevention.

If you didn’t do the above after training and are sore now, try massage, massage with foam roller or even self massage, warm whilrpool, moist heat or Turkish bath. Long-hold stretching feels good and restores normal tissue length.
Deep penetrating muscle ointments are also good for small areas of pain.

thanks guys!

How about the obvious thing…don’t get stiff in the first place! Usually post-exercise stiffness (I’ll assume you are actually referring to DOMS) results from too much intensity and/or volume. This can happen from jumping up too much with a familiar exercise or by introducing a new one too rapidly. Ideally, you should not have significant DOMS at any point in your training program, so look there first for solutions.