Relentless Ambition

Wednesday 28 November

20min. jog

Drills, running A’s, B’s, etc.

2x3x500m - goal: 1st 500m: 1’25 , 2nd 1’20 , 3rd 1’15

1’29 - 1’20 - /

Couldn’t run after 2 reps because of my foot pain

Thursday 29 November

Strength training.

Squat 145lbs 1:8 , 175lbs 1:6 , 210lbs 1:5
Glute kickbacks 2:10 90lbs resistance
Back extensions 2:10 w/ 3sec pause at top (love this exercise, I feel it in the lower back, hamstring and glutes)
Roman chair: straight legged, 3:10

Sauna + shower

I notice that you measured your squats by time. what’s the story behind that??

By 1:8 i mean 1 set of 8 reps, with 2min. rest between each set

What about this from Monday the 26th?

“50kg squats 3x 20secs”

Was that a typo??

Oh I forgot about last Monday, yes the squats were timed indeed. We had to do most half squats possible in 20 secs

Same thing for medicine ball twists and some other weird exercise

Monday 3 December

Strength training

Squats 185 lbs , 3x8
Pull Ups 3x8
Glute kickback 45kg resistance 2x10
Back extensions 2x10
Leg curl lvl 5, 2x10
Calf raises lvl 5, 3x15

Wednesday 5 December

Test day

500-300-150m all with 15min. rest between runs.

500m 1:12 (pb) Started to accelerate only after 250m so I know I could have run a good 1:09 or so.

I’m in good shape right now, my energy levels are up since I started eating more (strength training makes me hungry), added 4.5 lbs in about a month.

Didn’t do the 300 and 150… foot pain.

I won’t be able to run for a few days/weeks though because my top of foot is hurting like crazy, I walk funny now

I’m always having foot problems… is it due to weak ankles/foot? Maybe someone can help me out here :slight_smile: !

Thursday 6th December

Stationary bike: 3km in 5’35 min. avg 32 km/h

Strength training

Pull ups 3x8
Deadlift 1x6 145 lbs , 2x5 185lbs
Glute kickbacks 2x10 50kg resistance , 1x15 40kg
Back extensions 2x10

Have you had your foot checked by a professional? Could be a stress fracture.

I remember this foot business coming up a few months ago. remind me, where exactly is the pain??

Feet, could be many things.
Could be weakness therfore leading to tightness?
Could be you running form? Surface? Shoes? Could be whole body posture?

Saturday 8th December

Stationary bike: 3km in 6mins

Quick leg drill: 5x15 each leg

Strength training:

Pull Ups 3x8
Glute kickback, res. 50 3x10
Back extensions 3x10
Roman chair straight leg raises 3x15
Core exercises

The pain is located here but more on the left side:

I’m going to get that foot checked tomorrow

Oh, and I noticed something at the gym. When I do glute kickbacks with my left leg, my leg is perfectly linear (?) and I feel it in the glute and hamsrings as it should. When I do them with my right leg, however, my leg swings to the right and I don’t feel a strong contraction in the glutes and hams, mainly in my lower back. If I want to have a good contraction I have to tilt my pelvic forward. Also my left glute is more developed than the right one. What’s with that??

Monday 10th December

Stationary bike: 3km in 5’30

Quick leg drill 5x15 each leg

Strength training:

Squats 3x5 210lbs
Pull Ups 3x8
Deadlift 3x5 175lbs
Glute kickback 2x10 res.55
Back extension 2x10
Calf raises 3x15 res.6

Thursday 13th December

Stationary bike: 3km in 6’

Quick leg drill 3x15 each leg

Strength training:

Squats 3x5 220lbs
Pull ups 3x8
Glute kickback 2x10 res.60
Back extension 2x10
Calf raises 3x15 res.7

EMS on quads and hamstrings

Went to see a physiotherapist today and he taped my ankle/tibia, felt better immediately. I can now walk normally… hope the injury heals faster… i want to run!!

Friday 14th December

Swimming pool (25m)

100m warm up

Breast stroke - 5x50m with 30sec. recovery : 53, 53, 52, 53, 54 sec.
2 mins. rest
Front crawl - 5x50m with 30sec. recovery: 48, 52, 52, 53, 55 sec.

Running in water, skipping, running backwards etc.

Test (95-100% effort)

50m breaststroke: 48.67s (pb)
50m front crawl: 42.81s (pb is 39s when i was 11)

That was a fun workout. Should have gone to the swimming pool way earlier but I was too lazy… anyway will start swimming workouts until my foot is recovered to keep fitness levels

Can’t believe I was faster when I was a kid though, lol

Saturday 15th December

Stationary bike 3mins

Quick leg drill: 3x15

Strength training:

Deadlift 3x5 155lbs

Glute kickback lvl.50 2x10

Back extensions 2x10

Core work

I have pain in my outer lower hamstring tendons, left and right leg. It makes standing up and extending the leg very difficult, as it causes pain

Sunday 16th december

Swimming pool

150m warm-up

Breast stroke - 5x50m w/ 30sec. recovery: 50, 51, 52, 51, 53 sec
2min. rest
Front crawl - 5x50m w/ 30sec. recovery: 44, 46, 48, 59, 55

One shot:
50m breaststroke: 46.00s (pb)
50m front crawl: 38.11s (pb)

My hamstring tendons pain got worse. At first i thought it was just DOMS but it looks like it’s more. I’ll use EMS on calf and lower hamstring, hot/cold packs… if it doesn’t get better physiotherapist again