Relentless Ambition

I’m a 19 year old sprinter (born in 1994) who started sprinting March 2011. My main events are the 100 and 200m but i compete in the 60m indoors as well.

A little about myself…i started track and field at the age of 10. back then I was really slim so I orientated myself to the 1km which I was pretty good at. 4 years later I quit track & field because I just couldn’t sprint fast (13"35 PB for the 100m back then) I did nothing during more than a year and eventually started playing basketball for 6 months. During that time I bulked up pretty hard, gained a lot of muscle, did a lot of plyometrics… but later quit.

A year ago I felt quite fast when I had to sprint my ass off to get a bus and eventually went to time my 100m. 12"03 was the manual time, a time i wasn’t pleased with as my old mates who didn’t quit track ran times around 11.30.
I didn’t quit this time though and trained my ass off for about 1,5 months. During these 1,5 months I bought GPP essentials and implemented the hill runs in my training. When I got back to the track I found myself flying! 11"42 was the manual time. I then joined a track & field club and trained with the group for another month. Mid-June i had my first meet, 100m 11.34 (w +1,5) and 200m 23.16 (w +2,5). I still haven’t quit since then and I’m not planning to either.I ran the fastest in July, after that my back got injured… ankle problems… shin splints… and so on.

I’m creating a training journal just because I feel like it, I like writing down what i’ve done in training.


19 years
6’2 ft
183-187 lbs
8.8% body fat

[SIZE=3]PB’s and progression


100m: 11.25 (+0,0)
200m: 22.61 (+0,2)
300m: 36.67
400m: 52.67


60m: 7.23
200m: 23.14

100m: 11.08 (+1,4)
200m: 22.33 (+0,3)
300m: 35.23
400m: 50.32

100m wind: 11.03 (+3.2)


60m: 7.19
200m: 22.76

100m: 11.07 (+0,3)
200m: 22.15 (+0,8)
300m: 35.17
400m: 51.71

100m wind: 10.92 (+2.5)


60m: 7.07
200m: 22.56[/SIZE]

I will start my training on the day I first tracked my workouts.

sunday 22 jan.

track - 90% intensty
1x250m - 30"80 - rest: 8 min
1x150m - 18"50 - rest: 12 min
1x250m - 31"95 - stopped after this one due to sharp pain in legs

squat 3x5 55kg
pull ups 3x5
glute kickback 3x10 50kg
hypers 3x10

wednesday 25 jan.

4x50m fly - rest 5min
2x30m accelerations

squat 3x5 60kg
pull ups 3x5
deadlift 3x5 60kg
hypers 3x10

friday 27 jan.

4x80m - 9"06 / 9"19 / 9"31 / 9"60 - rest: 4min
3x60m - 7"50 / 7"13 / 7"11 - rest: 4min
3x40m - 4"91 / 4"88 / 5"00 - rest: 4min

squats 3x5 65kg
pull ups 3x5
glute kickback 3x10 50kg
hypers 3x10

sunday 29 jan.

3x40m sled
300m fast run - 39"26

squat 3x5 70kg
pull ups 3x5
deadlift 1x5 65kg
hypers 3x10

3x5 shock jumps
3x5 depth jumps

wed 1 feb.

6x30m full rec.

squat: 3x5 75kg
pull up: 3x5
deadlift: 1x5 55kg
glute kickback: 3x10 55kg
hypers: 3x10

3x5 shock jumps
3x5 depth jumps

[u]saturday 4 feb

hamstring pain…

squat 3x5 80kg
pull up 3x6
glute kickback 3x10 55kg
hypers 3x10

shock jumps 3x5
depth jumps 3x5

monday 6 feb

acceleration position lunges
2-leg bounds on stairs
all out runs

2x6 box jumps

thur 9 feb.

4x30m fly full rec.
8x20m fly

2x3 squats 100kg
2x10 speed squats 70kg
2x10 jump squats 35kg
3x20 fast eccentric calves
3x10 static hip flexor

5x6 depth jumps

sunday 12 feb.

4x50m rest= 5min
4x40m rest= 4min

squats 2x3 100kg
speed squats 2x10 70kg
jump squats 2x10
calves 3x20

4x6 depth jumps
1x6 shock jumps
3x30 ankle jumps

[u]wed 15 feb.

4x150m - 18-19" - rest = 5min - hamstring pain…

squat 2x5 90kg
speed squat 2x10
eccentric calves 3x20
hypers 1x10

friday 17 feb

track: test day
300m: 41"20 (hamstring pain, not warmed up well)
150m: 17"19
150m: 17"24

ok times despite the hamstring discomfort

[u]sunday 19 feb

[/u]track: block workout
6x block starts
-> hamstring and foot pain -> jogging instead
3x60m from blocks

2x3 squats - 100 & 105kg
2x10 speed squats 70kg
2x10 jump squats 35kg
eccentric calves 3x20
hypers -> upper hamstring pain

depth jumps: 5x6

tuesday 21 feb.


not efficient running, upper hamstring pain, left foot pain at impulsion. -> time for recovery

22 feb. --> 3 march

I’m not allowed to run for a period of time due to foot pain at upper hamstring/low glute pain while running. probably doing too much in gym, overreaching

bodyweight squats… hip mobility drills…foam roller… tennis massage… stretching… deep tissue massage… chiropractor as recovery

3 march national championships, i’ll run the 60 and 200m. Hope my foot and hamstring will be recovered by then.

[u]national junior indoor championships

[/u]New PB’s:

60m: 7"23
200m: 23"14

disappointed… very tiny improvement despite increased leg flexibility and first time ever strength training (6weeks). Expected much greater results, oh well…

4 march.

Training in park.
15m joggin, followed by dynamic stretching… 50 step ups… 20 push ups… 30 bicycle abs.
High Knees on hill, 3x40m Hill sprint.
3x10 Multi Jumps on hill with 20m run up: 22.90m and 2x 23m. Very bad. PB is 25m10.
3x350m 90% intensity, rest 6 mins.

thur 8 march.

3x500m - DISASTER
couldn’t run well because of hamstring pain and foot pain.
REST for a few weeks, i’ll be using EMS to keep strength gains though.

sat. 17 march

still injured… tomorrow deep-tissue massage for the first time

I don’t know what to do about the foot pain though.

sunday 18 march

deep tissue massage. massage therapist said I lacked flexibility in my hips and other areas. He said he’s pretty sure once I loosen up my hips the hamstring pain will go away.

tue. 20 march

foot is getting alot better now, but the hamstring is healing slowly.

interesting to note: Today I tested my vertical jump (3 steps run up) and it increased by 3-4 inches, last time I tested was 2 weeks ago and i’ve been off training since then. (i did cycling during these 2 weeks though)