Relentless Ambition

Agreed. Stride length is a side effect of strength and power, not the primary reason for running fast. It seems this coach pulls out weird workouts every so often…

Saturday 22 September

Pre-meet routine

Dynamic warm-up

3x20m with full rec.

Sunday 23 September


100m: 11.33 (w -0.3) - very good first 60m, the guy who won in 11.30 was 2m behind me at the 60m mark, and then bam he passes me at the end. seems like i lack some speed endurance

300m: 35.69 - last 100m were horrible

Is it your conditioning or your technique? Perhaps get some video of you running from 60-100…

It’s my conditioning, my last 100m sunday were as hard as the last 100m of a 400 race… and I have alot of races in plus it’s the end of the season. This wk-end my first decathlon ever, will be careful and warm up thoroughly to avoid injury, that will close my season.

Saturday 29 September

First-ever decathlon, day 1

100m: 11.37 (w 0.0) (bad start and acceleration)

Long jump: 5m77, disappointed with that. I expected at least 6m but i really can’t jump

Shot put (6kg): 10m48

High jump: 1m56, lol i expected a bad performance but not as bad…

400m: 51.70, went too fast the first 200m, found myself struggling in the last curve and gave all I had in the straight. again poor performance

excited for tomorrow! 110m hurdles and pole vault will be a mess (might not do it as i could injure myself)

Saturday 30 September

decathlon day 2

110m hurdles: 18.08

discus (1750g): 31m

pole vault: 1.88m

javelin (800g): 44m

1500m: 4min59

total of 5202 points

so this closes my season! was a great experience, didn’t injure myself so all is good. i’ll be starting a new journal when the season starts again. right now im still not sure whether to leave the coach for the other sprint coach in my club, i’ll have to think it through and I have about 2 weeks to do that.

thanks to all the people that gave me advice and told me not to feel bad about bad performances (early in the season) and remain patient throughout the season

that really motivated me and i do have patience now, i learned alot by starting this journal and reading through the archives. what a great forum!

Well done, you’ve had a great season…


Monday 8 October - Training in the Park

20 min warm up

2x 30 step ups

5x park parkour ( around 600m) - 3 min rest.

2’14 - 2’03 - 2’20 - 2’20 - 2’14

Tuesday 9 October - Tempo

30 min warm up

6x50 technique runs

16x200 in 39 sec - 2 min rest.

Static core exercises

I noticed i’m completely out of shape, the times of yesterday show that and I couldn’t even hold the plank for 45 secs while in the early competition phase I could hold it for 2 mins.

Oh well, that will change soon

Sunday 4 November - Official season start

25 min jogging

ballistic stretches

hamstring eccentrics with partner

lunges (hurt really bad)

Run circuit around the park

Monday 5 November

20 min jog

core circuit

400m in 1:10 - jog to 300m

300m in 50s - jog to 200m

200m in 35s

Wednesday 7 November

20 min jog


2x3x500m (6min rest): 1’45 - 1’48 - 1’38 - 1’33 - 1’38 - 1’37

4x6 pull ups
core circuit
10 mins wobble board with focus on weaker left ankle

I’m starting to have lower back/oblique pain as 1 year ago, will go to chiropractor friday.

Thursday 8 November

10 min jog

Tempo Small circuit: 1 + 1 +1 | 2 + 1 + 2 | 1 + 1 + 1 | total of 1100m at 65% intensity

core circuit - bridges variations - isometric wall squat(3x 60sec)

Friday 9 November

10mn jog

warm up on hurdles (hip mobility)

10x60m with 30sec rest (90-95% intensity)

Sunday 11 November

Training In Park

20mn jog

40 step ups, 20 push ups, 3x20 ankle jumps with partner pushing down on shoulders

different jumps on hill

4x run circuit ( 270m in max. 45sec - jogging 50m - sprinting uphill (40m) - jogging back to start point = rest (5mins) )

core: 8x plank, 60 sec hold
wobble board different exercises

Monday 12 November

10mn warm up

Big core circuit

400m - 1mn16 , jog to 300m
300m - 56sec , jog to 200m
200m - no time

Tuesday 13 November

10mn warm up

Tempo - 15 x 200m in 35s (2min20s rec.)

Wednesday 14 November

20mn jog

Dynamic warm-up

2x3x500m (6min rest): 1’33 - 1’29 - 1’29 - 1’29 - 1’27 - 1’16

Thursday 15 November


Technique walks 5x20m (walking high on toes and mimicking good sprint mechanics)

Body weight circuit (1x):

  • bodyweight squats (25)
  • wide push ups (25)
  • superman (20)
  • lateral lunge (10 each leg)
  • 8 count body builders (15)
  • squat jumps (10)
  • hip thrusts (20)
  • diamond push ups (15)
  • burpees (8)