relays and tapering

Have any of you had to handle the relay obligations of runners heading into a major championship, on your level?

If you have an athlete make a national team or you are sharing athletes with other coaches on a team/club - lets say a jumper who sprints, how do you handle the relay training sessions as far as making sure theres enough recovery before the meet, but more imporantly when you are in a taper for 10 days, and there is a call to practice relays? During training the guy handing off a baton is running at least 50-60m which is basically max speed or very close.

Do you find this screws up the taper because youre trying to keep speeds a little lower during this taper, as to not get injured, and to rest enough?

What are your experiences?

I haven’t had great confidence in the National Team coaches of any athletes I’ve put onto National teams, but I haven’t had Senior National Team Athletes - just Junior. My suggestion is to get in contact with the National Team coach(es), CCing the team’s head coach, and try to get a dialogue going regarding your concerns. In addition to possibly resolving the issue, you might get a good sense of whether the coach(es) can be trusted or not - this might impact instructions to your athlete also. Good luck.

which country is that rainy?